Monday, May 23, 2016

Road Trip - Rambull's and Tanay Windmill Farms

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great summer. We're finally experiencing the first rains and half the year had already gone! 

So..changes. I have already resigned from my current post as an Inbound Sales Specialist after 4 years in the company. The new office location was just not working for me, and I dread the commute once Monsoon Season starts. 

Of course, I didn't leave without a backup plan. I started as an Email Ambassador for another company in Ortigas (right next to where my previous workplace originally was until we transferred to Far Far Away Land). Between leaving my old job and starting my new one, I had a week for "vacation". 

Since I was just vegging out at home, turning the A/C on at around noon time and chilling with my dog - Shadow in my room. My mom told me that they were going to pay a visit to my cousins who live in Tanay. So, I went with them. 

Say hello to Shadow - my "firstborn". He starts college in June.
He'll be a Vulcanizing Major. lol.

I haven't really had the chance to indulge in ice cream or cold treats since my confinement because my throat still felt a wee bit raw (I took in calls in the office the first Monday when I returned). So, imagine my delight when I was finally able to satisfy my craving for halo-halo. 

We went to Rambull's Tanay and originally the only plan that day was to get halo-halo. 

Note: This is an image-heavy entry. You may click on the photos to view the larger version. 

Ride on, cowboy.

Rambull's is a wide, open-air restaurant which serves beef dishes. Although at that time, I wasn't really in the mood for anything except for halo-halo. The tables and chairs looked like they were made from Narra. 

Halo-halo was only Php80 per serving. Now, the Capampangan in me will always be loyal to Razon's Guagua-style halo-halo. But this one is certainly different! It had chunks of cheese! CHEESE!!!! And we all know how a huge cheesehead I am. 

Darling, you have no idea how long I waited to have you....

I love the ambiance. And I would certainly want to go back and try their other dishes. 

Cow skulls dot the perimeter fences.

Family Picture. Yes, I am literally a copy and pasted version of my mother. 

And theeeeen, my mother asked me if I'd like to see the windmills since they're only like 10 minutes away. I said, yaaassss!  You know what they say, the best moments are the unplanned ones. 

Tanay Windmill Farms isn't that developed yet. There is no entrance fee, but a guard will hand you a ticket upon entering and they just require a donation of any amount - this goes towards the maintenance of the place, I guess. 

Are we there yet?

Roadside fruit vendors 

First sighting

Siomai House  in case you go hungry.

THE view at the top. 

Duh.. usapang matalino. Can't relate.

Mom and my kid cousin - Joshua

Mom and me. Big arms. Don't care.

Do NAAAAT even attempt to go here. Bawal nga eh.

Hence the warning. Here's the mother with my kid cousins - Angel and Joshua.

Push mo na yang pang cover photo, beks!

Getting photobombed by the mother. And yes, the wind is that strong.

Family Picture Part 2

My take-aways for this trip is as follows: 

  • I am now seriously considering getting one of those selfie-sticks with a clicker. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.
  • Dress comfortably. For spur of the moment trips, if you're wearing flip flops, it's ok. Just make sure they the type that does not easily snap. The roads in the Windmill Farm are not yet fully developed, so expect a lot of gravel.
  • Eyewear. Squinting at the camera ain't cute.
  • Hair elastics. This is self-explanatory, especially to the ladies with long hair.
  • Always have a shawl/cardigan. Temperature can get unpredictable, especially if you easily get cold.
  • I can never stress enough the importance of always carrying a tumbler of water whenever one goes out, especially during summer. It minimizes the costs of buying bottled water. There are only two establishments so far in Tanay Windmill Farms: Siomai House downhill and they also have a coffee shop at the viewing deck who serves pasta/rice meals.
  • Always have wipes and cologne in your bag. A day spent in an extremely windy environment may leave you feeling sticky in the car ride home. These two are a godsend so you can freshen up and get rid of the "amoy araw" smell.
  • They do not allow parking on the viewing deck. Only drop offs are allowed and then you'd have to park at the designated parking spaces.
  • For people coming from far areas, they also have kubos/nipa huts for rent.
  • Always bring extra cash. As someone who believes in supporting local businesses, please do not forget to purchase pasalubong for your friends. For the moment, they sell (yup, you guessed it) miniature windmills. They come in either tabletop displays (these usually range from Php80 above - depending on the design), keychains and magnets (priced at Php40). And their windmill blades actually move!


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Food Review: Yabu's Chicken Katsu Curry

Hello everyone! It's that time of the year again where our temperatures hit the high notes that can bring Mariah Carey to shame. I hope you all have been keeping hydrated and staying out of the sun during the peak hours.

Today's post will be about one of our favorite go-tos for quite some time now. And so far, this is what I had been ordering even from the first time we went there.

Chicken Curry.

By far, I think the branch with the best service has got to be the one at Megamall's Atrium. One time, we had to go meet up friends at their branch in SM North - man the service and the way the food had been prepared was not really at par with Megamall's.

On to the reviews.

There was a new item on the menu which is Mozzarella Katsu Sticks. It's basically mozzarella sticks with the katsu twist. I think it was around Php280 for a plate. The serving sizes are big AND yummy.

Om nom nom

Busog Lusog!

Not to mention that the side dishes such as the cabbage and miso soup are unlimited. So you can ask for seconds, thirds or even fourth helpings. Same goes for the fruit (slice of pineapple and watermelon) that goes with your order.

You also get to choose the spiciness level of your curry. I alternate between spicy and regular, depending on my mood when we get to to the restaurant.

A serving costs more or less Php350. Is it worth ordering? Hells yeah.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Surviving Hospital Confinement: What To Pack

I am currently writing this in my hospital room while recuperating from my recent asthma attack. What had been a trip to the ER, ended up to a confinement. Sometimes, it does pay to be prepared GirlScout levels.

By the time I hit the publish button, I've already been discharged and continuing to recuperate at home. Here are my take-aways from this experience:

- Have your HMO cards on the ready, because, duh. Also have your Government ID numbers easily accessible (I have mine on my phone and on a small slip of paper in my wallet since I'm still waiting for my SSS ID to be delivered). The most important number you'll be needing? Philhealth.

- Lug a big tumbler of water because you never know when you'll need it (the nurse gave my lemon water a no no, hence my dad had to go aaaaaallll the way to the pharmacy to queue for a 150ml bottle of water). The hospital that I was rushed into doesn't have a water dispenser available in their ER. So, go figure when I had to take the first of many antbiotics.

- Dress comfortably. I was wearing a hoodie and shorts at the time. Now imagine taking it off when you already have an IV attached to your arm when  it's time to change clothing. I'm fortunate to have a nurse assigned to me who helped me in getting out of my clothes.

- Speaking of. Bring at least an over night's change in clothing.

- Throw in basic  toiletries. Key items: toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine wash and  at least a sachet of your facial wash. You really can't take a proper shower if one of your hands has a needle stuck on it.

- If you're wearing contacts, make sure you have your glasses and lens case with solution.

- Phone charger. Need I say more?

I know it looks like a lot, but it'll make your stay more comfy since you're not going anywhere anyway. lol.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Food Review: The Halal Guys Philippines

For our first food trip for 2016, the boyfriend and I decided to try Halal Guys at my request. So after my 10am shift on a Saturday morning, we went to Megamall.

I decided to go for the Falafel and Chicken Over Rice place. This is the small size, by the way. And it took me over an hour to finish it. It also comes with pita bread and salad. You can purchase the extra white sauce for an extra 25 pesos.

The Small Plate costs about 250 pesos

Perhaps when I think of Middle Eastern Food, I usually compare it to Meshwe's. The plate at Halal Guys is ok, but I'm not exactly going to get cravings for it. But it is filling, though. Would you be getting your money's worth? Honestly, I don't think so. I won't be queue up for it. Here's a tip, go early. We were fortunate to be the first ones in line and didn't have anyone behind us so we had the luxury of choosing whichever one we wanted. But by the time 11am rolled around, there's a line reaching to the entrance of the Food Hall. 


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review: Beauty & Butter

Hello 2016! I've been real busy at work, but this year I promise to be less negligent in updating.

For my last mani-pedi-waxing session for 2015, I decided to switch locations after being a Nailogy patron for almost 2 years. Since I was too busy with work, every time I've been meaning to squeeze in a session, I was exhausted and just wanted to go home and sleep. Hey, whoever said working in Sales even if it's "just answering phone calls" is an easy job? That and my waxer at Nailogy gave me a tip that she was about to resign.

I decided to try out Beauty & Butter which has a branch in SM Taytay - a mere 5 minutes away from my home. I rang their branch and booked an appointment for a manipedi and Brazilian. For first timers, I highly recommend booking an appointment especially since the crowd is unpredictable. You might end up having to wait for an hour because all of their attendants are busy.

I ended up paying almost the exact same price as I would with Nailogy for the same services. Except this one, I end up saving more. Here are the reasons why:

  • Nailogy does not provide a ladies' room where one can clean up before the waxing service. In my case, I have to clean up in the office, then take a cab to Robinson's Galleria. Which is ridiculous because Galleria is only 2 streets away from where I work.

    Beauty and Butter on the other hand, does. Although this one being closer to home means I can take an actual shower before getting anything done. Much better.

  • The waxing room itself. It's more aesthetically pleasing.

Nursery room or waxing room? Lol.
  • The guarantee that the tools they're using is sterilized. Before your session, they will ask you to sign the packaging of what would be used for your mani-pedi, confirming that it's been properly sterilized.

For my last NOTD for 2015, I went with my fail-safe choice of Orly's Toast The Couple. I guess this was my "adulting" polish of choice in contrast to my signature blues.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

L'Oreal Makeup Sale Finds

Well well well, what do you know. We're now down to the last quarter of the year. Some brands and stores have decided to give us these tempting pre-holiday sales. I decided to upgrade my makeup and go for L'Oreal. It's a drugstore brand, yes. But I've always found it way beyond the budget I allow myself during magasinez pour le maquillage.

I got enticed by the big markdowns. The True Match foundation was down to Php400. Apparently, it only applies to the refill. So, I purchased the compact which was also marked down to Php600.

Sorry for the poor quality of images. Will try to post a more extensive review after a few weeks of using this product. With better pics.

So... off we go trying Golden Beige

Also got a tube of Star Collections Perfect Red in Pure Ruby. I'm not really a red lip color type, but hey, you only live once. Plus I'm sure to abuse this during the holiday season when I wear more layers.

Marked down to Php400
Tried it in the office...and I guess it works. It's matte. Non-drying. I just have to figure how to apply red lipstick without making a mess of my upper lip area.

Warning: This image has been known to cause nightmares. 

I got a freebie too. Which my mom immediately claimed as hers as soon as I got home.

My not-so-mine freebie hair color.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mobile Phone Review: Lenovo A536

So, sometime around March of this year I decided it's time to give my old O+ phone a rest because of the following reasons:

  1. The phone's internal memory - 4gb, is not enough for the games I play. 
  2. I usually change phones every 3 years. 
I initially wanted to purchase this unit from Cherry Mobile, however, it was no longer available at their SM Megamall branch. Same goes for my second choice model. One of my team mates at work recommended that I either go with an ASUS Zenfone or a Lenovo unit. So, I went to Wellcom and checked whatever units they have available.

Two sales persons tried to sell me phones. If I weren't so set in getting an Android phone, I would have caved in and purchased a Nokia Lumia. Yes, the sales man is THAT good. It's just unfortunate that the sales lady doesn't know a single thing about the product she was selling. So I just asked if I can see the item description card they have propped up next to the models so I could compare. I really felt bad for the salesman because he really exerted a lot of effort in selling the Lumia to me. It's just that I've heard the horror stories about Windows phones.

That, and think about my level on the Android games I'm playing. Heh. Priorities. 

So. I got myself a Lenovo A536. Specs are:

  • Comes with Android KitKat
  • Dual camera
  • Front Facing camera is 5 MP
  • Display is 480 x 854
Image not mine. 

What I like about the phone is: 

  • The price. Since I graduated from university and started earning my own money, I realized that paying premium price for gadgets is sometimes not worth it. Their value depreciates over time. I usually spend no more than Php5,000.00 for a phone. This one was a bit over my budget, around Php5,700.00.
  • Fast browsing. Fast uploading. Fast download. Fast updating. Everything seems faster on this unit compared to my previous phone.
  • Opening multiple apps at the same time does not slow it down.
I'm not really picky about my phones, as long as I could play my games, text, call, browse and play music, I'm good with that.

By the time I finish writing this entry, I've already had the phone for about 6 months now. I've only had one issue and it's the alarm clock which would not go off on the assigned hour. Cost me a few days of coming in late to work. And cab money. As of writing, I've had to do a factory reset for god knows how many times already.

But aside from that, I love it.