Saturday, December 11, 2010

Birthday Face + Saizen Goodies

Hello gels and gheis!

I haven't been able to update and buy much kabadingan please bear with me, 'kay? Thanks. XD

For my birthday, I decided to use some makeup (it's usually a bare face for me in the office with just moisturizer and face powder on).

I really do not have the guts to post a full frontal shot of my HAH!

Products Used:

1. Saizen's Tsuyahada Kipu foundation
2. Smashbox Bronze Lights in Sunkissed Matte
3. Smashbox eyeshadow in Fizz
4. Smashbox eyeshadow in Oyster
5. Etude House Peach Water Gloss in Apricot Water

It was actually a quiet celebration. Damn, I must be getting really old huh? Jiro and I went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and while waiting for the movie we just had a late lunch at Mexicali's (one of my happy places). Had ground beef enchilada.

A week later, I decided to go to Saizen to stock up on Christmas decors for the shop and to buy a mini tree for the decors in my workplace. And since it's so hard to get out of that place without buying anything for myself, I got my grubby hands on these babies:

Sleeping mask. I actually tote this in my bag since you never know if I might end up sleeping at my parents' office which is very near my workplace. And obviously my schedule is definitely bordering on the nocturnal and I really need to get my zzz's during the day.

Neo Color Face Powder. No, not the 90's OPM band. Damn! I'm really old. Hey, for the record I was only in second grade when they became a hit. Ok, shutting up now.

Lip Gloss Palette. No kids, this is not candy. Lol. Funny thing is that, when my team leader saw this on my workstation she was so amused by it. Hah. Now, I know what to give most of my co-workers for christmas. Ho ho ho.

Speaking of Christmas shopping, can you believe that it is just around the corner? Too bad, I might end up working on Christmas & New Year's Eve. Which makes me feel bad because this will actually be my first holidays without my parents and my beloved doggies.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last Post Before The Big 2-8

It has been a while since I have updated.

Since I only get to go online during the weekends, this will technically be my last post as a twen-TEEN seven year old impakta baklita.

Life has been good to me, sure there have been some problems this year that I am still trying to work on. But hey, having things easy breezy sucks. Where's the thrill in that?!

Anyway, updates:

1. I have reached my 6th month at work. Hence, I am no longer a probational employee. Huzzah!

2. Shift was moved. If I thought that my 6 pm - 3 am shift was ghastly, surprise. Since the account that I am on is UK-based, we'd have to follow the British Summer Time (BST). So, my shift now starts at 7 pm up to 4 am, Philippine time. I don't even see the light of day anymore.

3. On the business side of things, I am so glad of my mom's referral. He is the one manning the shop from Mondays to Fridays. Sure, the guy still needs some polishing when it comes to his technical know-how, but what matters is that he does not steal from the sales. Unlike someone I hired in the past....

4. I am turning old on November 20, gifts will be appreciated. Cash would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

Till then gels and gheis (and those of you who up to now STILL refuse to come out of the closet)...



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's In My Bag?

Hmm...well...what else can I say?

Lo and behold the contents of my bag (which I can practically live inside of).

(clockwise from top left)

1. Kikay Kit (or as my male co-workers dub it, the "goody bag").

Since my workplace has a very strict confidentiality clause which stipulates that the use of bags are not allowed on the production floor, ladies (and the gays) usually bring a pouch.

The Goody Bag contains the following:
- face powder
- lip balm & hand cream (a must have!)
- tissues
- feminine wipes
- spare liner
- lighter
- Fisherman's Friend Strong Mint (almost the same as Starbucks' after coffee mints but cheaper)
- Vicks inhaler (for those times when I have stuffy nose due to colds)
- Ventolin inhaler (yes folks, I have asthma for as long as I can remember).
- mini pill container that contains 2 pieces apiece of Neozep, Ventolin tablet, Buscopan, Ponstan SF 500

2. Wallet

Does not contain much cash lolol.


- 1 atm/debit card
- Etude House membership card
- TimeZone card
- 2 HMO cards (1 company provided & 1 personal)
- Postal ID
- Tax Identification Number ID

3. Cleene Alcohol

I just LOOOOOVE the smell of this alcohol. I usually buy 2 big bottles. One for the shop's counter and another for refilling the small bottle I bring to work.

This small bottle is the one I use at work as we have a different workstation everyday (prior to setting up the tools, I ALWAYS disinfect my station and headset). And if I bring a big bottle, it'll end up being the communal alcohol even if there are numerous hand sanitizer dispensers all over the workplace.

4. Bench's Body Spray in Pure

A favorite since my grade school days back in the 90's. Yes, I'm old.

I just love how the scent is not overpowering and it smells clean.

5. El Cheapo MP3 Player

Sorry, but I don't think I will be buying an IPod music player anytime soon. I just do not find it practical.

I have not bothered counting how many songs I have in there. But it can be quite diverse ranging from J-Rock (Japanese rock), 1990's alternative, Orchestral (yes, believe it or not, I usually listen to these during my breaks at work especially if the calls I get are really irate customers), OPM (usually most are of the 1990's variety)

6. Flash Drive (2gb)

7. LG KU380

I have always been a practical person. I bought this for about 5k only in 2009.

What I love about this phone is the SPEED of the mobile browser.

8. Motorola Razr V3i

First gadget I bought with my own savings. "Razr-kun" as I call it has been with me since 2006 and it is still in good working condition until now.

9. BBW in Cucumber Melon (from Jiro hee hee)

10. Trese (Book 3)

I was introduced to this local comic book by my boyfriend Jiro a few months ago. Man, this one is good. Created by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo.

One of these days, I will make a review about this one. Hey, this blog is not called kabadingan AND BEYOND for nothin'.

11. Coin Purse (a freebie from Lancome)

12. Doggie Bone Key Ring (bought in 168 mall for only 10 pesos!)

contains the spare key to my locker for my "day job", key to the building gate and the shop, key to my parents' office (where I sleep when I work late at the shop), keys to the main door at home and to my bedroom. Lol. I feel like a janitor every time I whip this out.

13. Black Bat cigarettes

Yes I smoke even if I am an asthmatic.

Do not lecture me on why I should quit. Quitters never win.

And nope, even at my age my parents do not know that I smoke.

Not shown in picture:

- spare underwear (hey! you never know!)
- headset for mobile phone
- company ID

So...what's in YOUR bag?


Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Storm?!

I was supposed to meet up with my "inner circle" today, but we decided to cancel it at the last minute since the storm was supposed to hit landfall today.

Unfortunately, there were clear skies this afternoon. So, Jiro and I just went to Galleria as it has been eons since we last went out (well, unless you count the weekly Friday/Saturday break of dawn post-shift trips to Banchetto in Ortigas).

Had our first meal of the day at our favorite mexican restaurant Mexicali. Went to Saizen, but I did not buy vanity stuffage. I just bought additional Halloween decors for the shop.

Bought these really cute ghost and witch plushies that I will hang next to my "main witch" (a piece I bought back in 2007 at SM Department store). I will post pictures once all the decors have been in place.

Oh and a doggie dress for my mom's puppy Tinkerbell (yeah, she named the dog TINKERBELL).

Next week, I am planning to have my long locks chopped off.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nail of the Week: Etude House (GR605)

This shade has always been out of stock at Etude House whenever I drop by to refresh my rations.

I was finally able to use the nail polish a month after buying the product. I think it is quite similar to Chanel's Jade nail polish.

*Chanel nail polish picture does not belong to me. This picture was only used as a reference. All copyrights belong to the owner.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Product Review: Body Butter & Hand Cream Edition

Working eight hours in an environment where the moment you step on the lobby it's already freezing cold and the only warm relief you get is in the elevator. It's a no brainer that the logical thing to do is moisturize and invest on good quality pashmina shawls (I was fortunate not to be seated near the airconditioning vents unlike some people who actually resort to bringing blankets to work).

Today's will be a review on three cheap, but really effective moisturizers.

Watson's Cherry Body Butter
Price: Php 149 (300g)

The cheapass inside me made me choose this product over Nivea's Body Souffle because it was bigger. Yeah. Yeah.

To be fair, it actually removed the roughness that I experienced. But in the long run, it just doesn't cut it.

Heaven On Earth Hand Cream
Price: Php 80 (200 ml)

I swear, the supermarket is the best place to score great deals on beauty items. This was actually a new product that was being sold at SM Megamall's supermarket. Moisturizing power is alright. And the scent is simply,er...heavenly. Seriously, I had been investing in a lot of products with green tea scents lately because of the stress I encounter (try explaining a very simple telephone bill to a person halfway across the globe who simply refuses to understand it, you get my point). Best part about this product is the fact that it's non-greasy. That is a huge pro especially if you multi-task at work.

Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream
Price: Php 169 (200 ml)

I had just purchased this, and so far I am loving it. It has that nice smell that shrieks "BABIES!!!!", and hey, if it's a skin product meant for babies it should be gentle and good right? Plus, consistency is THICK and NON-GREASY. Best of both worlds, eh? So far, this gets my stamp of "BEST BUY EVAAARRRR!".

But I am still very much intrigued by the body souffle product of Nivea...perhaps next salary.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Since I have been breaking out due to the sudden change of my work schedule, I decided to give my Skinfood Gold Caviar face powder a rest, despite the fact that it provides excellent coverage. I will do a post regarding this product at a later period.

Moving on, I dropped by the nearest HBC (which is a 5 minute walk away from the shop) and picked up some odds and ends. Unfortunately, the product that I was looking for (Hortaleza Professional Conditioner with VCO) is out of stock already.

I was supposed to get another compact of San San's regular face powder, but then again, upon opening the tester compact of Allue's face powder, it definitely won me over. Perhaps it looks like a small tub of balm/moisturizer and it already has a mirror underneath the cap.

Plus the fact that this face powder is actually made for tweens. Yes, kids. Kids ranging from 11-12 years old are now putting on make up today. So I guess, it's a safe bet that it should be gentle on the skin.

Will test this out on Monday. Be posting feedbac


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Will be posting something during the weekend. xoxo


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nail of the Week: Etude House (GR602)

I'm baaaaaaack!

Been on a long hiatus as the shop did not have any internet connection at all for 2 MONTHS. That's right, y'all. 2. Months. Of. No. Bizniz.

Moving on.....

I guess it is now a given that I am such a nail polish freak. Blame it on spending a considerable amount of your adolescence in the cloistering environment of a Catholic exclusive school for girls. 2 inches below the knee skirt hems, anyone? Last time I checked the girls there are not even allowed to tweeze their eyebrows...LE GASP!

Anyhow, lo and behold the latest shocker I have for my officemates. Etude House's GR602. This shade got a lot of compliments heck even from one of the British executives who's straight...... I think.....


Hello girls and gheis! This post has been long overdue as time has not been my best friend recently.

Featured here is the most dee-lish find I got so far. Chocolate soap which promises anti-aging.

I could not attest on the anti-aging effect but this is the best soap to use when you take a shower before sleeping at the end of a stressful day. AND it does not melt easily.

Costs 99.00/apiece at Soap Factory, but if you buy in bulk (minimun of 6 pieces) you can get it at a discounted price.

Soap Factory is located at the Atrium level of SM Megamall.

No, I am not being paid to write about this.


Monday, June 28, 2010

My Nail Polish Collection

Oh gahd. I never thought that my nail polish collection has already amounted to this.


Revlon Highbeam Tan (Limited Edition)
Revolon Sorbet Twist (Limited Edition)

Sally Hansen Eternal Expresso
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails minis
Maybelline Wet Shine Vinyls Pink Slicker (Limited Edition)
Nyx Girls in Candy Apple
Winmax Nail Art Enamel (102)
skin Food Pedicure Vita (my favorite among all of them)
Etude House (GR602)

P.S. I already threw out the Bi Chun nail polishes I bought a few months back. Their color had already diluted, ah well you get what you pay for.


June 13 Etude House Haul

Hello ladies, gays and gentlemen who refuse to come out of the closet (I know who you are, biznatches! haha!). It has been quite a long time since I was able to update this blog.

I had been quite busy since I started working again. And no, au contraire to what some people think, NO I did not shut down the shop. In fact, I try to go there after my shift as often as I can.

Yesterday (June 13,2010), my boyfriend Jiro and I were able to once again set foot in Megamall (our schedules do not really give us the luxury of going out on weekends, we usually spend it together at the shop chilling out).

Lo and behold my Etude House haul:

Happy Tea Time Green Tea Facial WAsh - Php 148
Pomegranate Mask - Php 58
Petit Darling Nail Polish - Php 98
Green Tea Nose Pack - Php38

And because I bought two pieces of some items (gave them to our friend who is leaving for Australia this week as a token of appreciation), I was able to avail of their Pink Membership Card!

Oh and there's that freebie folder of Lee Min-ho. Rock that pink bowtie, sweetheart! Werrrrk!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Need Motivation To Vote?


Product Review: HBC Moisture Lipglow

I had always seen the ad for this makeup line from HBC in magazines (Cosmopolitan Philippines to be exact). But I've never really had the chance to check out the products.

There are two shades available and I purchased Mango Strawberry Daquiri. A tube packs 4 grams of the product and costs Php 109.75, but when I bought it, the cashier told me that there is a discount. Sweet, eh?

Upon opening, it sort of resembles Avon's Mousse Center Lipstick (correct me if I'm wrong :D). Upon application, the shade is actually very sheer and a bit moisturizing, hence no need to put on lip balm prior to application. It's such a shame it does not really last that long on your lips. But for it's price, it's a great deal. I might get another tube as back up, or purchase the other shade.


Election Weekend Mini Haul

Hello ladies and gays, what's popping?

It's election weekend for us in the Philippines and it's our first automated election EVER. So please, do not forget to exercise our right to vote on Monday, the 10th of May 2010. Please remember to vote for someone not because you do not want any particular candidate to win (especially in the presidential seat), but you have a conviction that the said candidate is worthy of your vote.

Since the indelible ink has been a part of the electoral process, I decided not to have my nails done this weekend for obvious reasons. So, my mani-pedi budget went to a spur of the moment quick stop at the HBC near my shop.

- Hortaleza professional hot oil treatment sachets (Php 10/sachet)
- Moisture Lipglow in Mango Strawberry Daquiri from their Krisanne Coral Collection (original price Php 109.75 but less Php 4.75)
- Allue Mini Eyelash Curler (Php 56.00)
- Body Recipe Soothing Cucumber Facial Wash (Php 45)

Reviews to follow.

And now for my great reveal. The president I'll be voting for on Monday would be Senator Richard Gordon. I was deciding between him and Nicanor Perlas (I love his eco-friendly platforms!), however it was Senator Gordon's track record that made me finally decide on him.

Remember, VOTE! It's our right and despite all these rumors that the elections would be rigged, what matters most is exercising our right and compared to other third world countries, we are still privileged.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

What Was The Bravest Thing You Did Lately?

Last night, the boyfriend and I along with some friends went to Pretentiousville (aka Eastwood) to have some drinks and catch up with each other.

I went there without any makeup on (it was so humid!), did not even bother to put contact lenses on and was just wearing my eyeglasses.

Somewhat I felt plain compared to the girls who were all dolled up, but as Friday turned into Saturday about 3 am, said girls were stumbling out of the bars and looked pretty trashed (one girl's dress was even hiking up showing her butt crack to the world while a friend of hers and security helped her out). All that was needed was the paparazzi to snap pictures of them.

Just a random thought.

How about you?


Friday, April 30, 2010

test post

This is a test post powered by


Monday, April 12, 2010

Skin Food Haul

Can you believe that this tattoo owner got me and my bestest best friend in the whole wide world Skin Food goodies from his trip to Seoul?

Will post reviews later this week. :D


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Product Review: Ever Billena Mousse Concealer

Concealer has always been the best arsenal in my makeup kit ever since I discovered its' use back in college. I had used up an entire tube of Nichido's concealer (it lasted me for about 2 years) and I decided to check this out.


- Price (Php 175)
- Easily blendable


- Packaging is quite tacky and there's even a circular foam underneath the lid


Nail of the Week: Maybelline Wet Shine Vinyls Pink Slicker

I've decided to take the safe and girly route this week for two reasons: I'll be attending a christening tomorrow (Sunday) and a job interview (yup...times are hard and you've got to have a Tim Gunn Make It Work moment) on Monday.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is Faith, really?

*This is a crosspost from my Livejournal account*

A few days from now will mark another holiday in the Philippines. Lent has actually started way back on Ash Wednesday, it is supposed to be a period of time to make sacrifices all in the name of faith.

In your country, it's probably known as Easter. But for a Catholic country like mine, it is far from Easter bunnies and chocolates. People usually take this time (more on that later) to reflect on all their shortcomings and do penance.

Having been raised in a Catholic school for a huge amount of my life as a child and an adolescent, and at the same time in a Protestant household (we kept it a secret from the school since I was baptized as a Catholic and my parents married in the Catholic church), I had been taught that this is an important time of the year to reflect on Jesus' sacrifice for mankind.

No, don't scroll down just yet. This will not be a holier-than-thou post, you should know me better.

Back then I took religion quite seriously, believe it or not. As a requirement in a Catholic school, I had my First Communion in second grade. We also had regular confessions, masses and what-have-yous, the nuns did their best to ensure that their girls would not end in eternal damnation.

And being the double-agent that I was (yeah right), my parents who were church leaders (mom and dad both served as Elders and Deacons) got me involved in church activities. I taught Sunday School and didn't really do well on the job (hah! figures!). My parents would ship me off to those youth camps for a week every summer (usually before my annual piano lessons start) until the summer before my junior year in high school, I caved in and allowed myself to be baptized. Yeah, you know that drill where they dip you in this swimming pool and declare you saved? That.

Things took a different prespective when I started college. I started hanging out with different people and started feeling guilty of being so holier-than-thou with thinking of how they would be going to hell because they were not "saved". It was then I realized that religion was just a big business. Trust me, you think those bishops, pastors, elders and deacons are men of God, but really...they are still human and the call of money can be hard to resist.

I've had classmates of different faiths, even a Hindu foreign exchange student who I shared cigarette breaks with and introduced to our local kikiam that's being sold in one of our old haunts in campus. It was then I realized, what's the point of claiming whose religion/faith is more superior. Hey, what matters is that you have faith in a greater being and you treat your fellow humans and other creations with respect. It's not really about going to whichever church because that's bollocks.

To be honest, I think this lenten season is just like a trip to the shrink's clinic. Of course, you see those banners for spiritual retreats everywhere and come Maundy Thursday the annual "Alay Lakad" (a pilgrimage to Antipolo with stops along the way for Stations of The Cross).

But when you look at it, it's all one big business venture! Those retreats don't come for free, and the route of these so-called pilgrims are littered with vendors selling everything from cold drinks to shirts to religious relics.

I think it's a total load of bullshit. What's the point of repenting and leaving all "enlightened" (give it 2 weeks or so, oh Enlightened One), so is this like going to a therapist and relapsing back to your old compulsions after the session? Don't even get me started on those who hit themselves (Silas, much?) or get themselves crucified all in the name of penance and then would booze it up afterwards bragging about their cohorts.

If you ask me, Lent is now a good excuse for a long weekend. Hooray for living in a Catholic country. Long live the Church.

Yes, I am being sarcastic.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Nail of the Week: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear

At first it looks a little scary to put on because in my book, super red nail polish + a lot of glitters = DRAG QUEEN MUCH.

But upon application, it appears to have pink undertones and the glitters aren't the chunky kind (unlike some nail polishes I've tried).


Product Review: Montagne Jeunesse Face Tonic

I have been really busy and before I knew it, I had to attend my boyfriend's exhibit at Glorietta 5 (p.s. this blog's layout is included in his display because he designed the layout ^_^).

And while we are on that topic, please drop by at the exhibit of Phoenix One's New Media Design class at Glorietta 5, it will run from March 21-25,2010.

And now on to the product review.

Recently, I haven't really had the time to go all out with my skin care. Usually it's just facial wash and moisturizer withUV protection in the mornings and the usual cleanse, tone, moisturize procedure at night.

I'm starting to become a fan of Montagne Jeunesse's products. I was supposed to buy another
sachet of their fudge self-heating masque, when I spotted this one.

It only costs about 79 pesos (plus a discount since I bought this during a sale). This product promises to have vibrant skin fast (as stated in it's label). It's also not fussy to use. All you have to do is slap it on clean skin, leave it on for 5 minutes then wash it off with cold water, et voila!

I like this product since it really did make my skin look more vibrant (haven't exactly been getting a sufficient amount of sleep lately since I at times sleep at 5 am). It also does not have that cloying smell. It really does smell like oranges.

Maybe I'll get another pack to use it twice a week.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Haul

Went out with the boyfriend yesterday (one more month to go and we're hitting our 4-year mark yay!). Had lunch at Terriyaki Boy and while waiting for the screen time of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, hit Saizen and Watson's.

Saizen Haul: Brown waterproof bag (I bring lunch to the shop since I avoid delivery services), Sake Toner and Sake Moisturizer.


Friday, February 19, 2010

what's in my kikay kit

Well I have decided to come clean and bare my soul. *charing*

Anyhow, these are the contents of my makeup pouch.

Saizen's foundation, Jordana lip gloss in Bahama Bronze, Etude House Soft Touch lip liner in 07, eyeshadow applicator from Saizen (comes in a pack of 10), Nichido eyebrow pencil, Blistex medicated lip balm, Indulge lip gloss, Smashbox eyeshadow in Fizz, Nichido Lip Luster (Cranberry Frost), Chapstick mint, L'Oreal Celebration of Hope eyeshadow quad.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saizen Stuffage

I was supposed to buy a present for my best friend Jacq when I could not resist picking up a couple of things for myself.

I had always been curious about this green tea bath powder. and a bunch of their eyeshadow applicators.

Will try the green tea bath powder this week :D.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Dove's Go Fresh! Line

Summer seems to have arrived really early this year for us in the Philippines, hasn't it?

Usually by this time of the year, it's still quite chilly with the Siberian winds descending on our tropical country. Although we MIGHT have experienced that for about 2 weeks or so, and then surprise. It suddenly feels like March.

One of my major pet peeves during summer is the smell of sweat on your body. I really detest it.

Usually my weapon of choice during summer season are products with cucumber/green tea scents because they make me smell freshlonger compared to the fruity scents (and I was never really a big fan of those in the first place :D).

I am and still a big fan of Dove's green tea and cucumber bar because it smells divine. P.S. I am not being paid to write this. Back in my high school days, I read that to make a scent last longer on you, you have to layer. So nowadays, I use Dove's Go Fresh line from the soap/body wash, deodorant and their lotion. A small bottle of their body wash costs about 132.00, their deodorant for about 80 pesos and their lotion costs about 238.00

Mind you, it gets quite hot in the shop especially during the 12:00 noon - 4:30 pm slot. And a girl seriously needs to smell good while trying to cool down.


Saizen's Tsuyahada Kipu Foundation

Sorry I haven't been able to update lately, been juggling some stuff in the business and with my personal life (ui showbiz).

Yesterday, to relax a bit Jiro and I went out for dinner. After a very filling meal at Mexicali's (any notions of a diet should be left at the door when you dine at this place), we went to Saizen.

I was not really planning to haul stuff, so I only walked away with three purchases: Tsuyahada Kipu foundation (sorry I'm really bad at Katakana and really awful at Kanji, I'm much better in reading Hiragana), a doggie shirt for one of our dogs: Ching, and a bigass bottle of bathroom cleaner for the shop (I'm really very particular with the scent, this one was in orange so I grabbed it).

Being the sucker that I am, I thought that this one was a definite steal since the product pan was separated from the compact itself, so I thought "Oh hey! I get a free refill! Scooooore!".


Upon opening the product, you get to stick the pan to the compact with a DOUBLE ADHESIVE TAPE attached at the bottom.

That's right, kids. DOUBLE ADHESIVE TAPE. The thick variety. Ugh. Well for 85 pesos, I can't complain.

Good news is, the shade is just right. It's easily blendable and so far it hasn't failed me. It's waaay better than that Careline face powder I bought a couple of weeks ago (Hazelnut shade) which shows up garishly pale on my face. I blame it on the in-store lights of Watson's. Kidding XD. I love Watson's.

So there you go. I'm not really crazy about how they designed the compact (although it's light and fits perfectly in my makeup pouch), but it performs quite alright. Although to quote Simon Cowell, "I'm not exactly jumping out of my seat."


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fat Sadako Got Her Locks Chopped Off

Yesterday, I decided to have my long hair chopped off. Had been sporting basically the same style since high school (with a little variation like layers from time to time) and college. It was just the boring generic straight (with a little help from the salon haha) and long.

At one point it got so long, I scared my dad one evening. He watched The Ring in HBO earlier and since I usually go to the kitchen around 3 am to get a drink, and he said that he thought I was some fat version of Sadako standing next to fridge with my hair hanging in my face like that. HA HA.

Anyhow...I really didn't have any hesitation when I told the stylist to simply hack it off. She even asked me if I was sure, and I was like "Go~~~".

Funny thing is that it is quite similar to Takuya's (vocalist of Uverworld) hair in their Shamrock video. For the record, I did NOT even give any specific instructions to the stylist. Damn. I guess too much fangirling on my end, eh?

Jiro actually loved it. HA HA HA.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Etude House Should Train Their SAs in CUSTOMER SERVICE

I'm sorry ladies, but this one will be a semi-rant.

Yesterday, I met up with my girls (and "kumare") [info]loveje and [info]yoru_morino at Megamall for the reason that I just wanted to meet my godson Benedict for the first time. Imagine he's two years old and yesterday was the first time we saw each other. It was a great day all in all, and I suggested to my girlfriends that we check out Etude House.

That was around 8:30 in the evening and the establishment was still packed with ladies checking out their merchandise. And since I was curious about their Milk Tea Cleansing Foam, I politely asked the SA nearest me if they still have stocks of the said product and she rudely said "Wala.".

I completely understand that she was probably doing inventory (since she was holding a clipboard and all), but would it actually hurt her to spare the customer a little bit of courtesy? I just don't get it, there I was with the complete intent to buy something from their store, but these SAs were more accommodating to the other women who were merely testing products.You can even ask my friends about it.

I also noticed another customer who was checking out their nail polish line. She was asking the SA (this is a different SA we're talking about) if the products are from Korea. The SA curtly said "Oo." and the customer also inquired "Matagal na ba 'to sa Korea?" it took the SA quite a while to answer and guess what comes out of her mouth? "Hindi ko alam eh."

I did not post this with the intent to belittle their SAs. But honestly, shouldn't they be trained with CUSTOMER SERVICE? Do I have to be decked out in jewelry just to get appropriate customer service from them?

Etude House may have better prices compared to Skin Food and Face Shop. But their SAs are superbly rude.