Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fat Sadako Got Her Locks Chopped Off

Yesterday, I decided to have my long hair chopped off. Had been sporting basically the same style since high school (with a little variation like layers from time to time) and college. It was just the boring generic straight (with a little help from the salon haha) and long.

At one point it got so long, I scared my dad one evening. He watched The Ring in HBO earlier and since I usually go to the kitchen around 3 am to get a drink, and he said that he thought I was some fat version of Sadako standing next to fridge with my hair hanging in my face like that. HA HA.

Anyhow...I really didn't have any hesitation when I told the stylist to simply hack it off. She even asked me if I was sure, and I was like "Go~~~".

Funny thing is that it is quite similar to Takuya's (vocalist of Uverworld) hair in their Shamrock video. For the record, I did NOT even give any specific instructions to the stylist. Damn. I guess too much fangirling on my end, eh?

Jiro actually loved it. HA HA HA.