Monday, February 1, 2010

Saizen's Tsuyahada Kipu Foundation

Sorry I haven't been able to update lately, been juggling some stuff in the business and with my personal life (ui showbiz).

Yesterday, to relax a bit Jiro and I went out for dinner. After a very filling meal at Mexicali's (any notions of a diet should be left at the door when you dine at this place), we went to Saizen.

I was not really planning to haul stuff, so I only walked away with three purchases: Tsuyahada Kipu foundation (sorry I'm really bad at Katakana and really awful at Kanji, I'm much better in reading Hiragana), a doggie shirt for one of our dogs: Ching, and a bigass bottle of bathroom cleaner for the shop (I'm really very particular with the scent, this one was in orange so I grabbed it).

Being the sucker that I am, I thought that this one was a definite steal since the product pan was separated from the compact itself, so I thought "Oh hey! I get a free refill! Scooooore!".


Upon opening the product, you get to stick the pan to the compact with a DOUBLE ADHESIVE TAPE attached at the bottom.

That's right, kids. DOUBLE ADHESIVE TAPE. The thick variety. Ugh. Well for 85 pesos, I can't complain.

Good news is, the shade is just right. It's easily blendable and so far it hasn't failed me. It's waaay better than that Careline face powder I bought a couple of weeks ago (Hazelnut shade) which shows up garishly pale on my face. I blame it on the in-store lights of Watson's. Kidding XD. I love Watson's.

So there you go. I'm not really crazy about how they designed the compact (although it's light and fits perfectly in my makeup pouch), but it performs quite alright. Although to quote Simon Cowell, "I'm not exactly jumping out of my seat."