Monday, March 22, 2010

Product Review: Montagne Jeunesse Face Tonic

I have been really busy and before I knew it, I had to attend my boyfriend's exhibit at Glorietta 5 (p.s. this blog's layout is included in his display because he designed the layout ^_^).

And while we are on that topic, please drop by at the exhibit of Phoenix One's New Media Design class at Glorietta 5, it will run from March 21-25,2010.

And now on to the product review.

Recently, I haven't really had the time to go all out with my skin care. Usually it's just facial wash and moisturizer withUV protection in the mornings and the usual cleanse, tone, moisturize procedure at night.

I'm starting to become a fan of Montagne Jeunesse's products. I was supposed to buy another
sachet of their fudge self-heating masque, when I spotted this one.

It only costs about 79 pesos (plus a discount since I bought this during a sale). This product promises to have vibrant skin fast (as stated in it's label). It's also not fussy to use. All you have to do is slap it on clean skin, leave it on for 5 minutes then wash it off with cold water, et voila!

I like this product since it really did make my skin look more vibrant (haven't exactly been getting a sufficient amount of sleep lately since I at times sleep at 5 am). It also does not have that cloying smell. It really does smell like oranges.

Maybe I'll get another pack to use it twice a week.