Sunday, May 9, 2010

Need Motivation To Vote?


Product Review: HBC Moisture Lipglow

I had always seen the ad for this makeup line from HBC in magazines (Cosmopolitan Philippines to be exact). But I've never really had the chance to check out the products.

There are two shades available and I purchased Mango Strawberry Daquiri. A tube packs 4 grams of the product and costs Php 109.75, but when I bought it, the cashier told me that there is a discount. Sweet, eh?

Upon opening, it sort of resembles Avon's Mousse Center Lipstick (correct me if I'm wrong :D). Upon application, the shade is actually very sheer and a bit moisturizing, hence no need to put on lip balm prior to application. It's such a shame it does not really last that long on your lips. But for it's price, it's a great deal. I might get another tube as back up, or purchase the other shade.


Election Weekend Mini Haul

Hello ladies and gays, what's popping?

It's election weekend for us in the Philippines and it's our first automated election EVER. So please, do not forget to exercise our right to vote on Monday, the 10th of May 2010. Please remember to vote for someone not because you do not want any particular candidate to win (especially in the presidential seat), but you have a conviction that the said candidate is worthy of your vote.

Since the indelible ink has been a part of the electoral process, I decided not to have my nails done this weekend for obvious reasons. So, my mani-pedi budget went to a spur of the moment quick stop at the HBC near my shop.

- Hortaleza professional hot oil treatment sachets (Php 10/sachet)
- Moisture Lipglow in Mango Strawberry Daquiri from their Krisanne Coral Collection (original price Php 109.75 but less Php 4.75)
- Allue Mini Eyelash Curler (Php 56.00)
- Body Recipe Soothing Cucumber Facial Wash (Php 45)

Reviews to follow.

And now for my great reveal. The president I'll be voting for on Monday would be Senator Richard Gordon. I was deciding between him and Nicanor Perlas (I love his eco-friendly platforms!), however it was Senator Gordon's track record that made me finally decide on him.

Remember, VOTE! It's our right and despite all these rumors that the elections would be rigged, what matters most is exercising our right and compared to other third world countries, we are still privileged.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

What Was The Bravest Thing You Did Lately?

Last night, the boyfriend and I along with some friends went to Pretentiousville (aka Eastwood) to have some drinks and catch up with each other.

I went there without any makeup on (it was so humid!), did not even bother to put contact lenses on and was just wearing my eyeglasses.

Somewhat I felt plain compared to the girls who were all dolled up, but as Friday turned into Saturday about 3 am, said girls were stumbling out of the bars and looked pretty trashed (one girl's dress was even hiking up showing her butt crack to the world while a friend of hers and security helped her out). All that was needed was the paparazzi to snap pictures of them.

Just a random thought.

How about you?