Sunday, September 5, 2010

Since I have been breaking out due to the sudden change of my work schedule, I decided to give my Skinfood Gold Caviar face powder a rest, despite the fact that it provides excellent coverage. I will do a post regarding this product at a later period.

Moving on, I dropped by the nearest HBC (which is a 5 minute walk away from the shop) and picked up some odds and ends. Unfortunately, the product that I was looking for (Hortaleza Professional Conditioner with VCO) is out of stock already.

I was supposed to get another compact of San San's regular face powder, but then again, upon opening the tester compact of Allue's face powder, it definitely won me over. Perhaps it looks like a small tub of balm/moisturizer and it already has a mirror underneath the cap.

Plus the fact that this face powder is actually made for tweens. Yes, kids. Kids ranging from 11-12 years old are now putting on make up today. So I guess, it's a safe bet that it should be gentle on the skin.

Will test this out on Monday. Be posting feedbac