Saturday, December 11, 2010

Birthday Face + Saizen Goodies

Hello gels and gheis!

I haven't been able to update and buy much kabadingan please bear with me, 'kay? Thanks. XD

For my birthday, I decided to use some makeup (it's usually a bare face for me in the office with just moisturizer and face powder on).

I really do not have the guts to post a full frontal shot of my HAH!

Products Used:

1. Saizen's Tsuyahada Kipu foundation
2. Smashbox Bronze Lights in Sunkissed Matte
3. Smashbox eyeshadow in Fizz
4. Smashbox eyeshadow in Oyster
5. Etude House Peach Water Gloss in Apricot Water

It was actually a quiet celebration. Damn, I must be getting really old huh? Jiro and I went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and while waiting for the movie we just had a late lunch at Mexicali's (one of my happy places). Had ground beef enchilada.

A week later, I decided to go to Saizen to stock up on Christmas decors for the shop and to buy a mini tree for the decors in my workplace. And since it's so hard to get out of that place without buying anything for myself, I got my grubby hands on these babies:

Sleeping mask. I actually tote this in my bag since you never know if I might end up sleeping at my parents' office which is very near my workplace. And obviously my schedule is definitely bordering on the nocturnal and I really need to get my zzz's during the day.

Neo Color Face Powder. No, not the 90's OPM band. Damn! I'm really old. Hey, for the record I was only in second grade when they became a hit. Ok, shutting up now.

Lip Gloss Palette. No kids, this is not candy. Lol. Funny thing is that, when my team leader saw this on my workstation she was so amused by it. Hah. Now, I know what to give most of my co-workers for christmas. Ho ho ho.

Speaking of Christmas shopping, can you believe that it is just around the corner? Too bad, I might end up working on Christmas & New Year's Eve. Which makes me feel bad because this will actually be my first holidays without my parents and my beloved doggies.