Saturday, October 1, 2011

Korean Grocery Finds

Hello there!

Been so busy with work that I rarely find time to raid Watson's (I KNOOOOOOOW) and even have a pedicure regularly. I am so filing for a vacation leave this November as a birthday treat to myself.

After my September 29 shift, for some reason, instead of going to Army Navy with the boyfriend I finally gave in to my curiosity and checked out Sonamoo in Ortigas. To those wondering, it is a Korean grocery. It's basically a convenience store, but, it has a meat section and a shelf (not an aisle, just a shelf) that's full of curious finds.

There was a BB Cream that was less than Php200. But since I still have Olay at home, I decided against it. Was tempted to get a bottle of nail polish in candy colors since it's only Php80 per bottle, but I was able to restrain myself. I bought two Dermal Collagen Essence facial masks for only Php25 each and a bottle of nail polish remover for Php60.

I used the Vitamin C mask that same night and I must say, just like Etude House's Moistfull Collagen Mask, it is DRENCHED in collagen goodness. The instructions on the pack says that it is highly recommended that you chill the product during the summer or heat it during the winter. But since it was a balmy night (with typhoon Quiel brewing on the horizon), I opted for the cold version.


It was also suggested not to wash off the product after use. Hence the reason why you need to thoroughly clean your face.

Perhaps it was just me or the fact that I just finished a 14-hour workday, but I woke up the next morning with glowing skin. So, I guess for Php25 it does revitalize tired and dull skin.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cute-on Finds of the Week

As soon as we touched down in Shangri-La, we immediately bought tickets for Deathly Hallows. Which was a good thing because the 7pm schedule only had a handful of seats left.

I swear to god, the money shelled out for the 3d version is money well-spent. Plus, it came with free popcorn and a big drink.

While waiting for the movie to start, we had our first meal of the day. Pepper Lunch is now starting to become a Sunday thing for me and the boyf.

Afterwards, I hung out at National Bookstore while Jiro was having a cigarette. I have been cigarette-free for 4 weeks now and I am using all self-control to stop myself from lighting up.

Anyhow, who would have thought you'd find cute stuff in National?

Chuck-ish keychain - Php 59.00
Stick Figure Magnets - Php 40.00
Rings (Set of 7 pieces) - Php50.00

The rings are actually for my kid cousins who get a kick out of going through my accessories every time they visit us at home.



Monday, July 11, 2011

Orange Scents: Why So Hard To Find?!

Since this summer, I have had a fixation for orange-y scents.

Why the fixation for orange-y scents? Blame it on Bath & Body Works Orange Sapphire. I actually bought this bottle from my co-worker for only Php250 bucks since she got it from an aunt based abroad.

Bath & Body Works' Orange Sapphire: Happiness in a bottle

Since this was already phased out, looking for a bottle is hard. I actually found it being sold in a department store for Php600! Well, I really want to get a second bottle, but I'm not that desperate. Maybe next payday, but not now.

Speaking of things that are now quite difficult to find, I found Johnson's Baby Cologne Tropical Burst (Php68/bottle) being sold in Watson's. Been scouring groceries, drug stores and different Watson's branches for this. So, I bought two botles.

Back in college, I found a liking for Calgon fragrances. They smell nice, and not as expensive as the other fragrances out there. A personal favorite is Turquiose Seas, however, I have still yet to find a bottle.

I asked around Watson's for this, and the SA told me that Calgon fragrances are now included as a freebie for Lander lotions.

Calgon Orange Pop body mist (freebie with Lander lotion, imagine how sad, Php149.75).

It actually smells quite strong on first contact, but it smells like a mixture of orange and vanilla once it settles on your skin.


El Cheapo Buys: July 10, 2011

So, yesterday instead of watching Eiga Sai with the boyfriend.

Well, we were actually at Shangri-La, but they ran out of tickets (no thanks to those weaboos, well at least they were trying to get some culture in their system).

After a late lunch at Pepper Lunch, checked out the Vente stall right across the restaurant. Vente is a franchise found in major malls (well I had been seeing it a lot) where everything is sold for Php 20 only. Bought two pairs of flip-flops. One to store in my office locker (pays to be prepared now that the monsoon season is here) and the other one for mani-pedi days.

After coffee and desert at Seattle's Best (Starbucks is taboo, especially since the boyfriend smokes), went to St Francis Square. Bought two pairs of shoes for a bargain price of Php280 (original price was Php300).

I was tempted to buy a pair of those candy-colored pairs, however, I'd have to think practically. These shoes will be worn to the office.

Peep-toe Wedges

Navy blue flats


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Review: Shawill Loose Powder

Hello there!

I hope everyone is safe after Typhoon Falcon ravaged our lovely archipelago for four days. I myself was not able to go home for that period of time. Although the subdivision where I live never gets flooded, the roads that I have to go through have always been infamous of being easily flooded during the monsoon season.

I understand it has been a long time since this blog was updated. A lot of things had happened over the summer, you see.

The shop had undergone through a renovation. Hence, I was unable to go online with all that bedlam.

Work-wise, I was assigned to a different level of business. I am already a part of the correspondence team.

Anyway, now that we've got the niceties aside. I will review Shawill Loose Powder to get things started.

To be honest, I was not really shopping for a face powder at the time since my intention was merely to get a concealer, specifically Nichido's, along with toiletries (I was supposed to spend the night in my unit, but no way in hell am I going to get stranded without toothpaste and body wash in my bathroom!)

I saw Shawill's booth at Watson's. What initially got my attention was their lipglosses. I'd have to say that Shawill's price range is definitely very affordable. Some eyeshadows are even less than a hundred pesos. But as I was pressed for time (was on my lunch break and every minute counts), I got the loose powder for only Php158.00

I asked the SA if it's another one of those China-made products. She told me that the materials are from Italy, however the product itself was assembled in China.



What made me purchase this product was the small mirror included with the packaging itself. Now, I do enjoy using loose powder but the inconvenience of having to bring an extra mirror is what ticks me off.

Now, I'd have to say that the oil-control is not really that impressive. I have combination skin, although the heavy airconditioning in the office does play a small part in keeping the oilies at bay. I'd have to say Shawill Loose Powder's oil control is about 3 out of 5 stars.

The sponge could have been a little bit bigger. Every time I apply this powder, it feels like I am using a cotton pad!

To sum things up, I think once I've fully consumed this product, I will never buy another one.

Hello Chinglish!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guess who's back with more kabadingan.....

*Image not mine


Saturday, January 15, 2011

el cheapo buy of the week: Bench Daily Spell Body Mist

So last Sunday, Jiro and I went out to have lunch and watch a movie. While waiting for Dalaw (yes I know....), we went around. Out of curiosity, I saw this line of inexpensive body mists at Bench for only 49 pesos each.

At the back of the bottle it says that the perfume oils are from Grasse, France. Hm, okay sounds promising. I bought two bottles of the scents which I was drawn to most. Clean Fun and Fresh Start, since I am a huuuuuge huge fan of the fresh out of the shower scent.

The bottles are small enough to put in your makeup kit especially if your company has a strict clause about bringing bags to your workstation as mine does.

The scent does not really last that long, but for 49 pesos a bottle it's a good buy. Although I prefer using Clean Fun when starting my day and Fresh Start when I'm going to bed. Yes, I wear mildly scented cologne to bed. It's my definition of aromatherapy.