Monday, July 11, 2011

Orange Scents: Why So Hard To Find?!

Since this summer, I have had a fixation for orange-y scents.

Why the fixation for orange-y scents? Blame it on Bath & Body Works Orange Sapphire. I actually bought this bottle from my co-worker for only Php250 bucks since she got it from an aunt based abroad.

Bath & Body Works' Orange Sapphire: Happiness in a bottle

Since this was already phased out, looking for a bottle is hard. I actually found it being sold in a department store for Php600! Well, I really want to get a second bottle, but I'm not that desperate. Maybe next payday, but not now.

Speaking of things that are now quite difficult to find, I found Johnson's Baby Cologne Tropical Burst (Php68/bottle) being sold in Watson's. Been scouring groceries, drug stores and different Watson's branches for this. So, I bought two botles.

Back in college, I found a liking for Calgon fragrances. They smell nice, and not as expensive as the other fragrances out there. A personal favorite is Turquiose Seas, however, I have still yet to find a bottle.

I asked around Watson's for this, and the SA told me that Calgon fragrances are now included as a freebie for Lander lotions.

Calgon Orange Pop body mist (freebie with Lander lotion, imagine how sad, Php149.75).

It actually smells quite strong on first contact, but it smells like a mixture of orange and vanilla once it settles on your skin.


Dee July 12, 2011 at 6:55 AM  

I love orange scents as well, and it's so hard to find ones that last long. I have the Calgon Orange Pop body mist too, and I love how it smells. Too bad it doesn't last long. :(

I wish The Body Shop would make perfume/cologne for their Satsuma line! That's my favorite orange scent!

tintirintin July 13, 2011 at 10:45 PM  

Totally agree with you on how Calgon's Orange Pop does not last long. Wore it prior to going to work. Didn't even make it past my coffee break.