Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Strangbrew Goodies + the BAMF Alexandra Trese and Kambal

Hi everyone.

I'm still alive, however a lot of things happened during the first quarter of the year which kept me...busy. *insert elusive pose* But I will write about them on a different time.

Last March 27 - Jiro and I have reached our 6th year mark. Someone call the Vatican and tell them to make my boyfriend a saint! HAHAHA. He sure has the patience of one.

I'd just like to share these Strange Brew figures he got me. Yup, Tado, Erning, Ramon Bautista and the entire BAMF (that's bad ass motherfuckers to you, kids) cast.

Oh oh oh and! THIS!!!!!!

Alexandra Trese and the Kambal. To those who are not aware, Trese is a local comic created by Budgette Tan and Kadjo. She deals with our local version of the supernatural. Read it, and I swear you're going to find the walk to the dark side nothing short of awesome.


The boyfriend knows how much of a Kambal fangirl I am. lol.