Thursday, November 29, 2012

Inside The Starbucks 2013 Planner

I had been collecting the Starbucks planner since college. Before, you had to consume more than 20 beverages before you can get the planner. So you could just imagine that I was able to get mine by January or mid-February because I was still living on my allowance back then.

Eventually, I stopped collecting for a couple of years because I decided to try the Belle du Jour planner. I was also fortunate to receive the BDJ planner as a birthday gift back then.

Some people say that it's impractical to get this planner since the coffee is quite expensive. To be honest, it goes to charity and at least I did one good deed for the year. HUR HUR.

This year's mechanics state you can get the planner after buying 9 Holiday drinks and 7 Core Beverages. Mostly I got Peppermint Mocha Frappucino for my Holiday Beverages and Lime Cooler with extra shot of mint for the Core Beverage. 17 cups of coffee later, I was able to get my fat grubby paws on the Starbucks 2013 planner.

Let's have a look, shall we?

The last sticker was courtesy of my boss since we had free Starbucks drinks courtesy of the client. Thanks TL Red!

Nice background, eh? Sorry, but I couldn't think of a better background than my bigass pillow and another pillow with doggie pillowcase in my bed.

I got the black planner since, well, I've always been a rockstar wannabe and black is just awesome.

Starbucks planner collectors always know that they always ALWAYS come with a bookmark. The 2013 comes with a magnet bookmark in the shape of their to-go coffee cup. Way better compared to the 2012 "organic" planner, IMHO.

THIS! This is what got me so enthusiastic to get the 2013 promo, to the point that I got it before December 2012 even started. I've always been O.C. when it comes to my to-do lists and schedule, so I like it that the monthly view has actual SPACE to write in!

Weekly view.... much MUCH better compared to the 2012 version. To be honest, it reminds me of the handsome-looking 2008 planner when it comes to the space you get.

And yes, I know I need to get a manicure. This week, I promise. Let me do my laundry first.

The artwork is really adorbs! If you notice on the lower right hand corner of each page, it starts out as a drop of coffee which eventually as you get to the end of the year it becomes a steaming mug of java. Sorry, I'm just a sucker for cutesy kitschy stuff even at the age of 30.

Postcard... see? Very 2008 planner, ain't it?

Coupons... of course. Who doesn't love freebies?

So there you have it. I think the 2013 planner will get more mileage from me this year compared to the 2012 planner which ended up just staying at home after the first quarter of the year because it was so hard writing on a planner that's wood-bound. 


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Lately, it seems I've got this fixation for scents. Nothing beats coming home from a stressful day at the office to a fresh-smelling room.

In case you're wondering what a perfume packet is. It's a sachet you can leave in your handbag/drawers/closet to avoid nasty smells.

I choose the Gardenia scent at Papemelroti since it smells so fresh. I've also read great reviews on Femalenetwork  about the diffusers they sell at Papemelroti.

No offense to Zen Zest and to their fans (p.s. I love their fragrances),  but the Php250 diffuser set I purchased a couple of weeks ago has already evaporated and lost it's scent. But at least the Zen Zest diffuser oils have pretty bottles, hence I used it for my first try at Papemelroti's Ocean Breeze diffuser.

Ocean Breeze Diffuser - Php129 from Papemelroti (not shown in the picture)
Gardenia Parfum Pocket - Php60  (not shown in the picture)


Post-Birthday Weekend Finds

Hi there!

A lot had happened in the past week. I turned 30 (hey, 30 is the new 18). A good friend got a great job offer, so he had to cut his Philippine holiday short and had to return home to Canada. I had my first Thanksgiving since this is my first US account after working for a UK-based business for 2 years.

Well, in the industry that I work in, Thanksgiving means working overtime even on your weekend off. So, there WERE a lot of calls. And a lot of caffeine consumed on my end in order to maintain a consistent level of energy. Speaking of which.... two more stickers to go and my fat paws are getting themselves the Starbucks 2013 planner!So that's one more Peppermint Mocha Frappucino and one Lime Cooler with extra shot of mint to go.  YAY!

Anyway, here's my weekend haul:

Clockwise from top right:

Coffee fertilizer from Starbucks for my dad - FREE
Foot cover (ballet flats are my footwear du jour) - 3 for Php100 at St Francis Square
Earrings - Php49/pair from Papemelroti
Ocean Breeze Diffuser - Php129 from Papemelroti (not shown in the picture)
Gardenia Parfum Pocket - Php60  (not shown in the picture)
Chiffon Foundation - Php85 from Saizen Robinson's Galleria
Bag hook - Php85 from Saizen Robinson's Galleria
Etude House Moistfull Facial Cream Special Set - Php678
Etude House Freebie: Moistfull Aloe Mask
Etude House I Need You Royal Jelly Mask Sheet - Php58


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Less Than Php100 Find: Zen Zest Gift Sets

Prior to going home, I dropped by the Zen Zest stall in Robinson's Galleria. I only intended to purchase a couple of reed diffusers for my room at home and for my unit. However, I saw their Christmas gift sets and found out that they were less than a hundred bucks! 2 60ml colognes for 99php. Awesome, right?

I decided to go with the set with Baby Powder (which literally smells like powder) and Day Dream. According to Zen Zest's Facebook page, Day Dream is a blend of lime, dewy rose and jasmine blues.

It's also available for men's fragrances. So.... I guess I'll be buying a few boxes more before December as my emergency presents.


Bottle Cap Pendant from The Body Shop


I know it's really been a long while since I've updated my blog. Well, now that I got another digital camera, I guess this page would come alive again.

Allow me to share my recent favorite purchase. A bottle cap pendant from The Body Shop in SM Megamall. It's only Php175 since it was on sale at 10% off. Love it.