Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Royce Chocolates

I have ALWAYS wanted to try Royce chocolates and find out why they cost so fucking expensive in my country.
Php598 for a box,anyone?
So I bought a box yesterday. Then the lady at Royce Podium offered a free taste of the Nama chocolate. I took one, smiled politely and said “Maybe next time.”
Then, Miss Chocolate seller rang up the sale and it was Php1200! Apparently, I was too “soft spoken” that she didn’t hear me declining her offering of the Nama chocolate. 
Ah well. I guess it’s time to spoil myself rotten. It’ll be too embarrassing to ask the boyfriend to get me a box of these since he already got me that Starbucks Lunar New Year bear. :D
So…. I tried the original selection I wanted which is the Prafeuille Chocolat since I’m a huuuuuge fan of the strawberry and chocolate combination for as long as I could remember.
And can I just admit that I was drawn to it’s girly packaging? :D

So sue me.