Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Starbucks Lunar New Year Bearista

I've never really collected any of the Starbucks Bearistas, but when I saw the Lunar New Year bear during one of my coffee runs during lunch - I WANTED it. But then again, I kept on telling myself that it's not a necessity. You're all aware of the excuses you come up with when debating on whether you'd like to buy something or not.

Last weekend, I decided to get one but it was already out of stock in the Starbucks branches in Emerald Avenue. Until, the boyfriend got me one while we were having coffee with friends at Starbucks Megastrip.

Heyppiness. :D

The boyfriend working on his booty tooch and smize. Erm, A for effort? :D

Jeje hoodrat stuff. Ugh.