Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's In My Bag?

Hello there. Happy Easter! It's been quite some time since I've done a what's in your bag entry. 

This is the bag I'm currently using on a daily basis. Got it for only Php350 at St Francis Square, which is this bigass bazaar housed in a 3-storey building which is only a couple of streets away from my workplace. Really hard to resist not dropping by every day. 

The keychain is a Mushu plushie which was a Happy Meal freebie. It's been with me since college, I decided to put a keychain ring on it since at that time I was so obsessed with those plushie keychains anime characters would tote around in their satchels. And back then, I couldn't find a single store that sold satchels in the malls I frequent.

And of course, the de rigeur hand sanitizer which I attach to the bag du jour.

I don't really tote around much, just a few things to help me get through the day. Plus lugging around a heavy purse WHILE running around ain't fun.


Etude House lipstick

Lip Smackers Skittles in Mango Berry - verrry summery

Zen Zest's Daiquiri - transferred it from it's original bottle onto a smaller spray bottle from Beabi

Watson's Watermelon Hand Soap - also transferred to a Beabi bottle. It pays to carry around liquid soap since you never know when you'd get stuck in a situation when the ladies' room doesn't have handsoap (ewww)

Citronella spray - it's already summer here in the Philippines and mosquitos now come out and play. You can spray this on your skin, but sometimes I also spray it onto the air/under tables. This bottle's almost empty, time to get a new one on payday.

Coby tablet - I'm not really a hardcore techie, this one is for my games and useful apps like menstrual tracker, shift calendar, to-do list. You know, just the basics.

Company ID & access card - my white access card is kinda dirty so I peppered it with stickers. HE he.

Coin purse - for only Php50 at Saint Francis Square! See? Bargain heaven.

Skin Food Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

Skin Food Agave face powder- love how this is packed with moisturizers, I don't even have to apply moisturizer/base!

Jordana powder blush in Redwood- for those days when I lack sleep and could use a shot of color.

Katinko Ointment - still more effective compared to the pain & itch balm I purchased form Sesou

Keys - to my unit and to our house

Thumb drive - this one is a gift from James when he went to Japan, it's a Sex and the City 2 flash drive. And the diamonds in the logo (which are LED) just light up when plugging it in. Oooh shineeeey~~~

Bag hook from Saizen

ELF Face Brush