Tuesday, August 27, 2013

OOTD: Polka Dots & Beribboned Flip Flops for The Phantom

Over the weekend, the boyfriend and I along with friends decided to go watch a screening of The Phantom of The Opera at the Shangri-La. And this was the silent film version. But what gave this a twist is that the musical score was performed by Razorback.

Yes, kids. THE Razorback. One of the bands that made the 90s local music scene awesome.

Boyfriend and I with Manuel Legarda and Tirso Ripoll. So surreal.

With drummer Brian Velasco super keeleeeeeg fangirl moment itey mga teh!

It was a great experience. I never thought I'd enjoy watching a silent film since I usually chalked it up as something that appealed to a certain group of people (which I referred to as the hoity-toity, artsy-fartsy kind). I guess the soundtrack made all the difference.

So, anyway. Here's my OOTD. Yes, yes. I DO look like an adult version of a Cabbage Patch Kid. :D

Polka dot dress - Forever21
Grey cardigan - Forever 21
Flip flops - Saizen
Purse - Kipling

Oh and here's my NOTD. Nail polish is from Forever21. Since, well, I do have a fixation for blue nail color.

Nail polish from Forever21 - Php180

Here's a closer look at my flip flops. So girly, yes?

Flip flops from Saizen - Php85


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The 90s Are Back

Whilst I'm writing this, can I just say I'm sporting the hugest grin in weeks?

The fashion gods (aka Teen Vogue and British Vogue) have spoken: the 90s are back this fall.


Growing up in the 90s where everything seemed so simple. All you had to worry was about school, and if your schoolbus crush who goes to the neighboring all-boys school likes you too. HAHA! This was what I like to refer to as my formative years in the development of my taste in music. As a 6th grader, I listened to Nirvana, Pearl Jam and eventually progressed to Smashing Pumpkins once I hit high school. By the time I hit my junior year in high school, I turned into a full-blown Hanson fangirl. HAH!

Back then, we didn't have iPhones, tablets or what-have-you gadgets. Cinderella was our Forever21 and finding cute clothes for plus-sized girls was HARD, sister.  Back then the designs were soooooo matronly. So I guess it's safe to say I have quite a bone to pick with that decade. The 90s were the ultimate make it work moment for me. Going through adolescence as a hefty girl was not easy.

I am so happy about this trend because this time around, there are clothes that are accessible to girls my size. I guess even at 30, I could still pull it off, yes?

Here are some looks taken from Teen Vogue and British Vogue September 2013 issues.


Forever21's Ultimate Brush Set + Chocolate Body Butter + New Book = Bliss

Hello. It's been a while, right? I went to Forever21 post-shift during Eid Al Fitr with the mere intent on getting my fat, grubby hands on their eyebrow palette. Unfortunately, it's already out of stock. I'm not really in the mood to get new clothes since I just purchased a couple some weeks ago. So... this brush set caught my eye. It's ideal for makeup beginners or those like me who are junkies in denial. I like how each brush is labelled.

My verdict? The brushes are much softer compared to ELF's. 

And in addition, I threw a bottle of nail polish to my purchase. I had always been a sucker for the color blue, which stemmed from growing up in an all-girls Catholic school where the nuns were a huuuuuge fan of minimalism and insisted that we keep our accessories in shades of white, black or blue.

Lastly, I finally decided to purchase an actual copy of The Red Pyramid. That's my current game plan in buying books: get a pdf copy and if it's so good that you're annoyed that you're reading a PDF version, go purchase the actual book. I'll make a review once I'm done since I'm reading this before going to bed.

Weekend purchases included Vanilla & Co's Chocolate Hazelnut body butter (smells soooo good! so good it's boyfriend-approved!) and the much-talked about BL Cream.


Forever 21's Ultimate Brush Set - Php385 (Forever 21 SM Megamall)
Forever 21 nail polish - Php180  (Forever 21 SM Megamall)
The Red Pyramid - Php345 (Powerbooks SM Megamall)
Vanilla & Co Chocolate Hazelnut Body Butter - Php235 (Sesou, Robinson's Galleria)
BL Cream - Php65 (Chinese drug store, Robinson's Galleria - I got another one at Century Drug Store SM Megamall for only Php30)


Sunday, August 18, 2013


Hello. I know the last post was very sad and personal. Some might find it shallow, but I'm not apologizing. He was like a child to me. I may not have the right to put it that way since I've never had any children (or any siblings!) to compare it to. But, whatevs.

Life goes on, but it doesn't mean totally forgetting the departed. Right? I just find it a bit timely that I'm writing about this during Ghost Month.

Here's a picture that perfectly describes how I felt for the past few weeks:

All storms do blow over in time.


You might wonder what's with the title. "Tadaima" is Japanese for "I'm home.", usually said when, well, one returns home. It's written this way in Hiragana:


A lot has happened. But I'm happy that I passed Nihongo 1 and am about to enroll for a second term which starts September

I think I'm ready to start blogging again. So... expect more entries.