Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Forever21's Ultimate Brush Set + Chocolate Body Butter + New Book = Bliss

Hello. It's been a while, right? I went to Forever21 post-shift during Eid Al Fitr with the mere intent on getting my fat, grubby hands on their eyebrow palette. Unfortunately, it's already out of stock. I'm not really in the mood to get new clothes since I just purchased a couple some weeks ago. So... this brush set caught my eye. It's ideal for makeup beginners or those like me who are junkies in denial. I like how each brush is labelled.

My verdict? The brushes are much softer compared to ELF's. 

And in addition, I threw a bottle of nail polish to my purchase. I had always been a sucker for the color blue, which stemmed from growing up in an all-girls Catholic school where the nuns were a huuuuuge fan of minimalism and insisted that we keep our accessories in shades of white, black or blue.

Lastly, I finally decided to purchase an actual copy of The Red Pyramid. That's my current game plan in buying books: get a pdf copy and if it's so good that you're annoyed that you're reading a PDF version, go purchase the actual book. I'll make a review once I'm done since I'm reading this before going to bed.

Weekend purchases included Vanilla & Co's Chocolate Hazelnut body butter (smells soooo good! so good it's boyfriend-approved!) and the much-talked about BL Cream.


Forever 21's Ultimate Brush Set - Php385 (Forever 21 SM Megamall)
Forever 21 nail polish - Php180  (Forever 21 SM Megamall)
The Red Pyramid - Php345 (Powerbooks SM Megamall)
Vanilla & Co Chocolate Hazelnut Body Butter - Php235 (Sesou, Robinson's Galleria)
BL Cream - Php65 (Chinese drug store, Robinson's Galleria - I got another one at Century Drug Store SM Megamall for only Php30)


blackshirt13 August 22, 2013 at 4:52 PM  

Just curious sis, what's the BL cream for?

Christine Simpao August 23, 2013 at 2:08 AM  

Hi sis, so far according to the posters at GT it's effective for scars. I'm currently using it for a scar in my leg which started out as a bruise when I had a bad fall then it ended up looking like a huge red welt on my leg. This happened 2 years ago and it won't go away even if I'm using sebo de macho or any other scar removal ointments.

So far, it's been lightening up. I just don't use BL cream everyday since medyo nakakaparanoid walang English translation yung box.