Monday, October 14, 2013

Food Adventures in West Kapitolyo: RamenCool & Epic Cafe

One overcast October Friday morning, instead of going the usual end-of-the-week study date with the boyfriend, we got a lunch invite from a good friend. So we headed to West Drive in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

First stop was RamenCool.

I swear to god, this is total gluttony heaven. An order of their rolls/sushi doesn't go over Php200 and it's already good for sharing.

Even if it's raining (typhoon Santi was letting it's presence known), I didn't order ramen. Instead, I opted for the usual Chicken Curry and an order of Spicy Tuna rolls.

Boyfriend got ramen and our friend got one of their rice meals along with an array of side dishes like gyoza, mapo tofu and california maki. Plus, unlimited house tea which prevents umay.

Guess what? The bill was only Php1500 and look at what we ended up with. Pang-fiesta ng baranggay ang peg!

Chicken Curry, house tea and Spicy Tuna roll

Gluttony Galore: Gyoza, Mapo Tofu, California Maki
For desert, we walked a few steps more towards Epic Cafe which is a coffee shop that encourages people to ride bikes as part of their lifestyle. I'd seriously love to do that except I live all the way in Antipolo and work all the way in Ortigas.

Anyhow, here's what I had for desert. Homemade ice cream in Kapeng Barako flavor for only Php90. It's packed with flavor. And since I'm a notorious coffee fiend, I'm starting to get cravings.

Kapeng Barako Homemade Ice Cream - Php90


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Plus Size OOTD: Primary Colors for School

I guess I will always be partial to the midnight blue shade.  You can take the girl out of  St. Scho Marikina, but you can't take St. Scho out of the girl

This is what I wore to my weekend Japanese class. Photo taken at the garden of Palma Hall. 

Cardigan - Forever21 Plus
Dress - Forever21 Plus
Pink studded purse - Tomato (the studs are lining the bottom)
Pink ballet flats - Tomato
Skull necklace - Saizen


Monday, October 7, 2013

Sad sad news

Our 6th Grade Selves: At St Scholastica's Academy of Marikina's iconic rubber tree
(Denise is the spunky girl at the left showing off her fierce Guess socks)
Last week, I lost a very dear friend who knew me before Jiro, before my anime and Japanese culture fascination, before my pathetic attempts at creative writing. She knew me at the time that I was still trying to establish my identity. 

She is Denise MiƱoza (the girl on the leftmost part of the picture). This was taken when we were in 6th grade. The girl next to her is Pinky Cruz and the fat one in red was et moi in my butchesa days and that’s Charisse Alvarez next to me. 

The location on this picture is at St Scholastica’s Academy Marikina. If you’re wondering why Charisse and I were not in uniform, this was taken after class. On a Friday afternoon if I’m not mistaken since we had a mandatory overnight activity at school. 

I feel so sad because I had always ALWAYS  admired her from the get go. She was one of the brightest girls in our batch. I’ve always admired the way she expresses her opinions and her taste in music. You see, she was a huge Side A fan and thought that the bands I liked were too "jologs" HAHAHA! 

Sometimes on Saturdays after one of those mandatory school activities, or on those Saturdays that our periodical exams would fall under - I would drop by her house. We’d hang out in her room or prowl Sta Lucia (hey, Megamall was too far for us back then). Growing up in a time when cellphones were clunky and were only available to executives, pagers/beepers were all the rage. 

We spent many lunch hours paging radio stations like RX93.1 and Magic 89.9. There would also be times when we'd even try to get through the hotline so we can send shoutouts to our Scholastican classmates. I can't help but smile because even if it was so jologs, we had a blast. And for the record, we spoke English over the phone. Oh and by the way, every time I would update my directory, it's her home phone number that gets listed first.

The last time we spoke over the phone was during my freshman year in college. I asked where she was going and she said “Miriam, school of putas.” with a laugh.

I found out that she eventually went on to become a DJ at 96.3. I vaguely recall listening to that station on my way to work when I was still employed at Transcom and chalked it up to coincidence that the girl who calls herself Denise on-air and sounded like her as well. 

Mid-September 2013, I rediscovered her on Facebook through one of our other batchmates whose on my friends list. 

She passed away on the first week of October. One of our batchmates sent me a PM about it whilst I was at work. 

I’m still trying to come to terms about what happened. I feel like my heart has been wrenched out of my chest. 

You will be missed, Denise. For what it’s worth, I owe you a lot. Thank you for the friendship. This is not goodbye. I have faith that someday, we will see each other again. We have a lot to catch up on.