Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Attempt In Dressing Like A Proper Slytherin Lady (Epilogue)

So, last Saturday we attended this wedding which states on the invite "Come in your best costume."

And so we did, dressed in our Hogwarts robes.

Slytherins with Hagrid

Slytherin, beeyotchhhh. 

Obligatory bowa shot. 
-  Slytherin Hogwarts school robe from Seven Potters Shop
- Green dress (Forever21)
- Faux snakeskin pumps (Parisian - SM Department Store)
- Minaudiere with skull chain knuckle details (What Women Want - SM Department Store)
- Snake necklace (St Francis Square)
- NOTW: Orly Green with Envy

- Boyfriend... erm.. HAHA

Spell pa-sweet: K-R-I-S-T-E-T-A


Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Attempt In Dressing & Accessorizing Like A Proper Slytherin Woman (Prologue)

So recently I had been watching Meteor Garden years after the hype died down. There was this line that Tentang Jing said about finding something you really like while shopping. "When you find something you really like, better buy it. Because once you go home, you would never be able to buy it again. And you'd regret it."

A co-worker and I decided to buy shoes after a very stressful week at work. It was end of season sale, and besides I have a wedding to attend on the 25th. Of course, a girl needs new shoes.

The wedding invitation says guests should come in their best costumes. We're having Hogwarts robes made (Slytherin, of course - where else?).

Anyhow, here are my spoils. The shoes were marked down to Php800 and the skull chain knuckle clutch was reduced from almost Php900 to Php679.80.

Both items were the last ones on stock. I guess it's meant to be, eh? Will definitely take OOTD pics on the wedding day itself. Hee. XD

I think Narcissa Malfoy would bring this to one of her Death Eaters meetings

Closer look on the chain knuckle detail


Here Comes A New Challenger! (BBW + ZA & Wonder Woman Lipsticks)

OK, show of hands. How many fingers have you got left? I hope everyone had a fun and safe new year. Got lucky to select getting New Year's Eve and Jan 1 off at work, I wouldn't have it any other way to be honest. My family had always celebrated New Year more compared to Christmas since it is a Thanksgiving for the past year.

Besides, who else would comfort my doggies from the fireworks?

During the holidays, I got some Bath & Body fragrances - Sea Island Cotton from the boyfriend and Sweet Pea from the secret santa in our group of friends.

I have yet to roadtest Sweet Pea. I find it too girly, yes, even for me. HAH.

By the way, here are a couple of lippies that are currently on heavy rotation on a daily basis in my makeup arsenal. ZA (yep, remember this brand back in the 90's? well, it's back) Pure Shine Lips in Lady Red and from Bench Painbox's Wonder Woman line - Fierce.

If you're familiar with the old ZA packaging, well it's no longer the turquoise blue of the 90s.

For a shade that says Lady Red, it's actuall very sheer. It glides smoothly and looks like you're wearing lipgloss - without the stickiness. And it didn't make my lips go dry.

Price: Php279 (it was on sale at Watson's)

Moving on to Bench Paintbox Wonder Woman lipstick in Fierce. I have to say this is a MLBB shade. Just the right shade to wear in the daytime and avoid looking ghastly pale under the office's flourescent lights if I may say so. Goes on smoothly and non-drying.

Sadly, putting this lipstick on does not transform you into Wonder Woman.

Price: Php299