Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Comeback Friday: Prom Night

Given the chance to change just one thing back in high school, which one would you change?

Honestly, I'd choose the prom outfit I wore during my Junior year.

For the month of February, the Powers that Be (aka The Bosses) thought it'd be fun if everyone in the account dressed up for a Prom Night which took place on Valentine's Day itself. Surprisingly, everyone was excited about it - especially the ladies from Inbound Sales.

Back in high school, I wore a short little black velvet Genevieve Gozum dress for my Junior Prom. I guess, my preference for this fail-safe colour goes way back, hmm? 16 years later, I still opted for a little black dress that's a little bit more on the edgy side.

Album cover ang peg. Collab ni Adele, Madonna & J-Lo.


Sheer-backed dress with chain details - Forever21 Plus
Shoes - Parisian (same shoes I wore during the Final Fantasy themed-wedding)

The fabulous bekis of the account. The one in the middle's my boss. 

My office beki boyfriend: Cenizal. One of these days I swear I'm going to muster up the courage and upload our Frozen antics on Youtube.