Friday, July 18, 2014

June & July Misadventures

As of writing, Typhoon Glenda had just finished wreaking havoc a few hours ago. I hope everyone and their families are safe and sound. I wasn't able to go to work because my shift starts 3am - same estimated time that the typhoon would make landfall.

So... what has this babaeng beki been up to?

During the last week of summer, stars aligned which allowed me and my friends to have dinner after a verrry very long time. During said dinner, I discovered loom bands. And got hooked. At the exact same time, a weekend market was going on at Greenfield open fields which was just on the next street. And I got myself my basic loom making kit which only had two pegs and looks like a slingshot - along with my first loom bands.

You better be careful about purchasing the bands themselves. One of the TL's at work who found my loom bandkit lying around on my station taught me how to distinguish a toxic band from a non-toxic one. Since he grew up in Binondo and still lives in the same area of Manila - he knows how to spot bad goods in Divisoria - so I'm taking his word for it.

It's very easy actually. The toxic ones are those that are powdery to the touch and the color rubs off on your skin. 

A loom band I made for my Mom, since she wanted "the colors to match her Zumba class outfits"

Recently, we had another theme day in the office. It was somewhat Game of Thrones related since my boss picked the House of Lannister - except she tweaked it a bit and called us House of Salester since we are in Sales.

This is the team with our Operations Manager. My boss is the one wtih the crown. Heheh.
Outfit: Polkadot dress (Php350 - purchased from my officemate who makes clothes as a sideline)
Grey cardigan (Forever21 Plus), (not shown on photo) shoes - ever reliable beat-up red Chuck Taylors 

The fabulous office bekis - Meer & Cen, and there's me of course LOL

Our team's decors. Jiro our "outsourced" team mate made the Lannister lions on our banners.