Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Product Review - Etude House Dear Darling Tint in Red Orange

So...I've been on the prowl for a new cheek tint since my tube of Nichido's cheek tint is starting to smell funky. Which means it's time to toss it in the bin.

One payday, I decided to pay a visit to Etude House. I got myself a tube of their cheek stain and a bottle of their Belle Dress cologne (there will be a separate review on this).

It comes in three shades, but since I'm morena - I opted for the Red Orange shade.

So, as expected of an Etude House product. Packaging is very girly. Upon opening the tube, it smells like cherries.

Unlike other cheek stains, it comes in a gel form. It easily dries, so make sure to blend, blend, blend.

Compared to Nichido's cheek tint, it looks more natural.  Reasonably priced at somewhere around the Php280-Php300 range. I think I'll get another tube once this runs out.