Thursday, August 21, 2014

August Rainy Day Pick-Me-Ups from Bench

For the record, this is a non-sponsored post. 

Growing up in the 90's, Bench had been a huge part of my adolescence. Having spent my formative years in an all-girls school where the school bag/accessories/shoes, heck, even notebooks (Stradmore was an emerging brand back then and was frowned upon by Scholasticans) defined the girl, of course one had to be resourceful so as not to be labelled jologs (also known as social death).

I wasn't one of those Blair Waldorf princess types who were born in a rich family with a trust fund waiting for me when I hit 18. My parents were hard working employees from private companies in Ayala's Business District which helped finance my education. We had a comfortable life, yes, but not like some of my classmates who lived in huge houses in the nearby Rancho Executive Village.

Blair's Constance uniform somewhat reminds me of my old St. Scho uniform

This is where Bench comes in. In a world where some of your classmates casually spritz CK One after gym class and don Guess socks (folding the fabric over since we are supposed to use plain white ones only), I realized that I didn't have to beg for my parents to buy me fragrances that costs 4 figures. Perhaps as early as back then I didn't want to go with the flow.

I discovered Bench as a 6th grader back in 1996. And purchased my first bottle of Atlantis - which smells like the now classic Davidoff Cool Waters. It then lead me to purchase a bottle of their fragrance called Pure (which I think is still being produced, reminder to self: get another bottle this weekend). The rest was history.

Throughout the years - high school, college and eventually when I started working, Bench had always been my fail safe go-to for toiletries and gifts during the holiday season. I've been an avid fan of their Pore Strips, makeup and toiletries. Recently, I discovered some new finds which helped perk up some dreary rainy August afternoons (don't get me wrong, I love rain).

Let me start off with their Orange Passion lotion I picked up one humid afternoon after my shift ended. It smells almost like Bath & Body Works' Signature Orange Sapphire. I've been on the prowl for this type of orangey, citrusy scent since I ran out of that BBW lotion.

Orange Passion lotion - Php71.80 for 220 ml
It's very affordable. Although I wish it also came in a pump bottle just like the one for their Green Tea Lotion. The formulation is a bit too runny, so when you squeeze the bottle a lot comes out. But for a price like this, who am I to complain. Very moisturizing especially for those days that the temperature would suddenly drop or if you work in a heavily-airconditioned office like I do.

The next lotion that I bought one weekend was their Pink Paradise lotion. I really didn't mean to purchase this one since I wanted to get another bottle of the Orange Passion so I can leave it in my weekend unit. Unfortunately, the Bench branch in Robinson's Galleria doesn't have it on stock.

It's a treat that even boyfriends can benefit from. Tee hee.

I really don't veer towards anything that smells sweet, but this one smells like marshmallows. I SWEAR. And for once I'm not complaining. It wasn't sticky at all. It's got a rich formulation that comes out thickly upon squeezing the bottle. It's also nice to use as foot cream if you've got dry/cracked heels. You not only get soft, moisturized skin with this lotion - but a very happy boyfriend as well. hur hur. Hi Jiro.

This is the third EDT that I bought from Bench's fragrance line - the first two being Anne Curtis' Fierce and Kris Aquino's EDTs.

Best Php280 spent

Isabelle Daza's Univers caught my attention because:

1. It's blue - my favorite color.
2. The drawing on the box - I immediately thought it's going to smell fresh and we all know how I like that scent.

I wasn't disappointed.

This got me a lot of compliments in the office. Some even thought it was Versace Blue or D&G Light Blue. It smells light and fresh, and there's just this teensie weensie hint of sweetness. Perfect for spritzing before going to work and after lunch especially if you had your meal in a food court that smells like cooking oil HAHA!

There's nothing like great finds knowing that you saved some cash, right? Now THAT'S sosyal. 


Francesca August 21, 2014 at 10:50 PM  

Bench had been a huge part of my teenage years, too! I remember buying my first cheek tint there and I've bought several bottles of the men's 8 cologne-- the scent, though for men, is not too overpowering and I loved that it smelled great on me haha.

To this day I still buy Bench products, especially their lotions. They smell really nice and they're very affordable!

x Francesca of

Jacqueline Uy August 24, 2014 at 12:01 AM  

I enjoyed reading this sis! Brought back childhood memories of saving my allowance to buy baby colognes and other fragrances from Bench. Most of my denims are from Bench too, thanks to their wallet-friendly prices. :)

Mrs. Kolca August 26, 2014 at 5:27 PM  

I still buy colognes from Bench. My all-time favorite is the bubble gum baby cologne. My kids use. Also, both hubby and I use it. Haha.