Wednesday, September 30, 2015

L'Oreal Makeup Sale Finds

Well well well, what do you know. We're now down to the last quarter of the year. Some brands and stores have decided to give us these tempting pre-holiday sales. I decided to upgrade my makeup and go for L'Oreal. It's a drugstore brand, yes. But I've always found it way beyond the budget I allow myself during magasinez pour le maquillage.

I got enticed by the big markdowns. The True Match foundation was down to Php400. Apparently, it only applies to the refill. So, I purchased the compact which was also marked down to Php600.

Sorry for the poor quality of images. Will try to post a more extensive review after a few weeks of using this product. With better pics.

So... off we go trying Golden Beige

Also got a tube of Star Collections Perfect Red in Pure Ruby. I'm not really a red lip color type, but hey, you only live once. Plus I'm sure to abuse this during the holiday season when I wear more layers.

Marked down to Php400
Tried it in the office...and I guess it works. It's matte. Non-drying. I just have to figure how to apply red lipstick without making a mess of my upper lip area.

Warning: This image has been known to cause nightmares. 

I got a freebie too. Which my mom immediately claimed as hers as soon as I got home.

My not-so-mine freebie hair color.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mobile Phone Review: Lenovo A536

So, sometime around March of this year I decided it's time to give my old O+ phone a rest because of the following reasons:

  1. The phone's internal memory - 4gb, is not enough for the games I play. 
  2. I usually change phones every 3 years. 
I initially wanted to purchase this unit from Cherry Mobile, however, it was no longer available at their SM Megamall branch. Same goes for my second choice model. One of my team mates at work recommended that I either go with an ASUS Zenfone or a Lenovo unit. So, I went to Wellcom and checked whatever units they have available.

Two sales persons tried to sell me phones. If I weren't so set in getting an Android phone, I would have caved in and purchased a Nokia Lumia. Yes, the sales man is THAT good. It's just unfortunate that the sales lady doesn't know a single thing about the product she was selling. So I just asked if I can see the item description card they have propped up next to the models so I could compare. I really felt bad for the salesman because he really exerted a lot of effort in selling the Lumia to me. It's just that I've heard the horror stories about Windows phones.

That, and think about my level on the Android games I'm playing. Heh. Priorities. 

So. I got myself a Lenovo A536. Specs are:

  • Comes with Android KitKat
  • Dual camera
  • Front Facing camera is 5 MP
  • Display is 480 x 854
Image not mine. 

What I like about the phone is: 

  • The price. Since I graduated from university and started earning my own money, I realized that paying premium price for gadgets is sometimes not worth it. Their value depreciates over time. I usually spend no more than Php5,000.00 for a phone. This one was a bit over my budget, around Php5,700.00.
  • Fast browsing. Fast uploading. Fast download. Fast updating. Everything seems faster on this unit compared to my previous phone.
  • Opening multiple apps at the same time does not slow it down.
I'm not really picky about my phones, as long as I could play my games, text, call, browse and play music, I'm good with that.

By the time I finish writing this entry, I've already had the phone for about 6 months now. I've only had one issue and it's the alarm clock which would not go off on the assigned hour. Cost me a few days of coming in late to work. And cab money. As of writing, I've had to do a factory reset for god knows how many times already.

But aside from that, I love it. 


Monday, June 8, 2015

We Will Always Have Summer

By the time I put the finishing touches on this entry, the first legit rain of June (one with cold wind and thunder rumbling) finally started. 

I've never been a beach person. There was this one time that my parents had to ship me off for Bible Concentration Camp Youth Camp when I was 14 and we stayed an entire week in this "beach" in Zambales. It was during a time when I had really bad teeth (pre-braces) and thick ass eyeglasses with a sassy mouth. So, yeah, do the rest of the math. I've never really had any good memories associated with the beach. 

During my university years, I never really had the chance to take any out of town trip (well there were the few day trips to Pampanga but they never really counted as a vacation) because my summers were often spent staying in the city because of summer classes. 

I was so happy when my friends and I decided to take a vacation before Holy Week started because work stress was really getting to us. My friend, the fabulous Gab  (click click for her awesome website) found the place on AirBnB.Com. 

So on a sunny and humid Saturday morning - a U.P. Literature professor, two freelance web designers and two call center agents went to Jam Liner's GMA terminal. A few hours later, we disembarked on Batangas Grand Terminal, took a jeep to the Bayan, had lunch and bought supplies for the house. What followed was the most expensive tricycle ride I took so far. 

Expenses so far: 

Jam Liner Fare - Php150.00
Jeep fare - Php35.00
Lunch - Php150.00
Tricycle - Php200.00 (no, this is not a typo.)

Touchdown Batangas. Gathering supplies.

The trike fair IS justifiable since it was a long, long, loooong way to the place itself. We passed by the resorts in Anilao and just when I was about to go "Are we there yeeeeet?", we've arrived at the Zapanta residence. 

We were greeted by Manang who showed us where the house owner was waiting for us in her lanai. 

This view was what we saw first. When it comes to first impressions, this one definitely made a mark. 

You can actually use the trampoline, but we never got the chance to do so.

Lounge area in the main house. The place we stayed in was downstairs. As in you have to walk down steps carved on the face of the mountain.
The lanai bell. I think it's a rite of passage to ring this after successfully climbing up the mountain after your stay in this beautiful place.

Our first glimpse of the ocean. After this, you find the workout/killer stairs. A flight of stone steps cut into the face of the mountain. I wasn't able to take pictures, because, well, stairs and I don't make a good combination.

Clubhouse kids. Can you tell who's the professor, the web designers and the BPO employees?

All this beachfront property was our playground during that weekend.

Carl Joe x Poldo

According to a college classmate who responded to one of my posts in Facebook, that island on the right side is called Sombrero Island.

The rate of our stay may look steep, but it's actually affordable if there are 5-6 people in the group. The place has three huts.No aircon, but we were all supplied with industrial fans. Why would you look for a.c. when you have the ocean a few meters away is beyond me.

These doors were about 2-3 feet away from our bed.

The boyfriend.

Our veranda with an awesome view.
The boyfriend's Subas Herero-esque shot. He looks like one of those villains in old 80's Filipino action films.
"Hello Brando. Naligpit mo na ba yung pinapaligpit ko sa iyo at sa mga bata? Magaling magaling."

Natural airconditioning is awesome.

Toilet and bath area in the hut the boyfriend and I stayed in. It also comes with a hot/cold shower.

Creepy? LOL. It's just mosquito net.

Another awesome thing about the place was the bamboo ladder-esque things placed in each hut which were meant for hanging clothes.

More shots of the ocean.

The boyfriend and I.

This looks like a scene in anime/J-drama where the characters つづく will appear.

Low Tide

Sunday lunch with this view from our dining area. Awesome.

Next year uli!

  • If you find the rates a bit pricey, it's actually more affordable if you have 5-6 people in your group to split the cost.
  • Bring extra money to cover miscellaneous expenses. To keep it safe, an extra Php1000.00 should do.
  • If you don't mind carrying a little extra stuff on your way to the place, you might want to buy supplies in the Bayan or get some from your local supermarket before boarding the Batangas-bound bus. Drinking water is already covered by the rates you will be paying, this also includes the kitchen services of Manang.
  • Pack light. You will only be staying for a weekend. Sachets and travel-sized toiletries are called such because of this purpose. And imagine hauling your stuff on your way back up.
  • Scheduling is everything. We all left Manila Saturday morning, on our way back we left Batangas before lunch on a Monday. We arrived in Manila at about 3 in the afternoon. If you have shift/work, utilize those vacation leaves.
  • Do not take anything from the ocean/resort premises. 


Friday, May 8, 2015

Life Hacks For Fresh Graduates

So you've already graduated from college. Congratulations. At this point you have probably sent out your resume to a number of companies and just waiting for a phone call regarding your initial interview. 

Since graduating from college back in 2007, I guess I have acquired enough experience to put a cheat sheet of sorts for fresh grads. I'll try to keep the sugarcoating to a minimum, because kiddies, this is the real world you're dealing with. 

1. Have your government IDs ready.

Just to keep it safe, get your NSO-authenticated birth certificate, TIN (tax identifcation number) and SSS (social security) numbers first. These two are basic requirements for your salary. 

I highly suggest prioritizing the NSO-certified birth certificate first. You may order online by going to the E-Census website. As of writing, there will be a fee of Php315.00 which is inclusive of delivery fee. You will receive a confirmation email for your transaction and expect your document to arrive in 3-5 working days after the payment has been made.

You can apply for your TIN online by going to this link 

Sadly, obtaining a SSS number online is not possible. You would have to go to your nearest SSS office (you may check their branch near you on this link) and present the following documents: 

- NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
- Baptismal Certificate
- School ID

At this point your will be asked to fill up a form called the E-1 form, after submitting said form, your SSS number will be provided. You are not supposed to pay anything if it's your first time getting your number.

OC-OC TIP That Might Save You From Extra Stress In The Future: Upon acquiring these documents, especially the E-1 form, secure a soft copy by scanning them and uploading it to your Google Drive so you have access to your documents wherever you go. It also pays to jot down your specific numbers on your planner/phone notepad. Because if you haven't noticed it by now, part of filling out application forms in companies would be providing these numbers.

2. Flats are your feet's best friend.

All that concrete pounding will definitely take its' toll on your feet. And not to mention the rigors of commuting. You wouldn't want to go hobbling into your first interview right? 

If you think that your stilettos will provide you with much needed confidence, wear them in the ladies room and switch back to flats/flipflops afterwards. Your feet will thank you for it. 

3. You're Hired! Now What?

Arrive early for your first day at work. Good impressions DO last.

Quick reminder, you may be armed with a college diploma but sometimes it seems like you never got out of high school. Yup. Since we are social creatures by nature, you will find cliques in the workplace. Just stay out of drama (office gossip can be such a nice stress reliever, but dangerous). Be civil to everyone, careful on who you add on Facebook.


Monday, April 6, 2015

What's In My Bag? Summer 2015 Edition

Long time no post, tell me about it. It's been a busy first quarter.

This year, my boyfriend and I made a promise that we will start working out since...

  1. We're not getting any younger.
  2. Or thinner... we may make a cute plus size couple, but let's admit it, we can both be very vain and it DOES get frustrating when you can't fit into that outfit you're dying to buy.
  3. Health reasons.
In the past years, I did try to work out. However, I ended up quitting after a few months because I didn't have anyone to work out with. It does get boring, after all. 

I initially signed up for a one month unlimited gym use at Gym Plus (Php1500/month) in Starmall since one of my team mates also goes there. I enjoyed working out, however, it's the fare home that kills me. You see, I usually take a Tanay-bound GT Express van from Chowking Greenfield and the fare is flat Php70 bucks. 

Thankfully, my workplace has a tie up at Gold's Gym. So I opted for the 6 month salary deduction. Same price that I paid for at Star Mall. However, this one has Antipolo-bound vehicles in the parking and the fare is cheaper by 20 bucks. 

Anyhow, without further ado, here are my Gym Bag contents.

This is a bag that I've been using for 2 straight weeks. I just bought it from National Bookstore because the bowler bag I wanted so badly at Tomato is apparently only available online. At the time, I seriously needed a bag to use for the Batangas trip. It costs less than Php400. Made of canvas. Perfect for daily harabas (wear and tear). It survived my Batangas trip and have been toting it to the office and gym. Spacious enough to even stash my gym shoes/flip flops and a towel for a post-workout shower.

Bag - National Bookstore (around Php399)
Plushie from Kaiba Plushies (around Php99, purchased during Komikon)

When shopping for your vacay toiletries, always opt for sachets or travel-sized bottles. Remember, you are only staying there for a few days, not months. Same goes for your gym toiletry kit. You can always refill. Because lugging around a heavy bag is definitely not cool. I highly recommend stashing them in a clear pouch so you know where things are in a glance. For my basic toiletries, I have recycled the pouch that also serves as a packaging for Bench underwear.

Clockwise from top left: Olay Total Effects, Nivea deo, Dove Go Fresh! bar, Dermplus SPF130 sunblock, PH Care, Swish Mouthwash, cotton buds, Colgate travel toothbrush (I left my toothpaste back in the resort bathroom hur hur), contacts cases, liners, mosquito repellent lotion, extra sachet of sunblock, Dove shampoo

I like keeping my makeup brushes separate from the rest of my makeup/toiletry kit since, well, I don't want them to be involved in casualties such as spillage/whatever.

Bear Plush Pencil Case (Php85) from Saizen/Daiso.
Chapstick Invigorating lip balm. Eyebrow brush from Suesh. Cheek and face brushes (part of a set from Forever21).
Empty eyebrow pencil (can't throw it away because the spoolie is perfect) form Saizen/Daiso (Php85)
Careline Eyebrow Pencil (I noticed that I didn't have any eyebrow product on my way to the bus terminal, so this was from 7-11)
Pilot sign pen, rubber bands

Wide tooth comb, BB Cream from Saizen/Daiso (Php85), Maybelline BB Stick (around Php220), Smashbox Bronzelites. Careline face powder (another emergency purchase from 7-11 during the Batangas trip), Katinko, ELF eyebrow kit, L'Oreal The Perfect Nude in Barely Coral (on sale at Php499/Robinson's Galleria), Bench Wonderwoman lipstick in Fierce, Sophie Martin lipstick in Barely Nude, Light up Lipgloss from Saizen/Daiso, extra liner, paracetamol tablets.

Summer means icky, sticky weather. So, aside from the usual baby wipes, handsoap, alcohol arsenal, these also find their way in my bag.

Face towel, fan from Saizen (Php85), Cleene alcohol, Safeguard handwash (transferred in a travel bottle from Beabi for about Php30), Shoe Deodorants (Payless, Php150), Baby Wipes from Bench (3 for Php103)

Endless mentions of how much I love fresh scents as my peg can be found throughout this blog. Here are the most recent colognes I've been carrying around. Recently, I'm into baby cologne because they just smell so darn nice.

Nenuco (Php300/JMJ Robinson's Galleria), Zen Zest Daiquiri (got it on sale for Php120),
Bench Bambino Cologne (Php130)

Miscellaneous Stuff To Help Me Survive:
Western Digital External Hard Drive, Power Bank, Android USB cable, eyeglasses, Ventolin inhaler for those pesky asthma attacks, another USB cable for the hard drive, set of keys to my house and parents' office, extra coffee, extra padlock for my gym locker, necklace from Quirky Avenue, coin purse for my daily commute

There. I don't think I haul too much stuff, riiight? *snickers* How about you? What's in YOUR bag? I dare you to post it on your blog too, dear reader :)