Monday, April 6, 2015

What's In My Bag? Summer 2015 Edition

Long time no post, tell me about it. It's been a busy first quarter.

This year, my boyfriend and I made a promise that we will start working out since...

  1. We're not getting any younger.
  2. Or thinner... we may make a cute plus size couple, but let's admit it, we can both be very vain and it DOES get frustrating when you can't fit into that outfit you're dying to buy.
  3. Health reasons.
In the past years, I did try to work out. However, I ended up quitting after a few months because I didn't have anyone to work out with. It does get boring, after all. 

I initially signed up for a one month unlimited gym use at Gym Plus (Php1500/month) in Starmall since one of my team mates also goes there. I enjoyed working out, however, it's the fare home that kills me. You see, I usually take a Tanay-bound GT Express van from Chowking Greenfield and the fare is flat Php70 bucks. 

Thankfully, my workplace has a tie up at Gold's Gym. So I opted for the 6 month salary deduction. Same price that I paid for at Star Mall. However, this one has Antipolo-bound vehicles in the parking and the fare is cheaper by 20 bucks. 

Anyhow, without further ado, here are my Gym Bag contents.

This is a bag that I've been using for 2 straight weeks. I just bought it from National Bookstore because the bowler bag I wanted so badly at Tomato is apparently only available online. At the time, I seriously needed a bag to use for the Batangas trip. It costs less than Php400. Made of canvas. Perfect for daily harabas (wear and tear). It survived my Batangas trip and have been toting it to the office and gym. Spacious enough to even stash my gym shoes/flip flops and a towel for a post-workout shower.

Bag - National Bookstore (around Php399)
Plushie from Kaiba Plushies (around Php99, purchased during Komikon)

When shopping for your vacay toiletries, always opt for sachets or travel-sized bottles. Remember, you are only staying there for a few days, not months. Same goes for your gym toiletry kit. You can always refill. Because lugging around a heavy bag is definitely not cool. I highly recommend stashing them in a clear pouch so you know where things are in a glance. For my basic toiletries, I have recycled the pouch that also serves as a packaging for Bench underwear.

Clockwise from top left: Olay Total Effects, Nivea deo, Dove Go Fresh! bar, Dermplus SPF130 sunblock, PH Care, Swish Mouthwash, cotton buds, Colgate travel toothbrush (I left my toothpaste back in the resort bathroom hur hur), contacts cases, liners, mosquito repellent lotion, extra sachet of sunblock, Dove shampoo

I like keeping my makeup brushes separate from the rest of my makeup/toiletry kit since, well, I don't want them to be involved in casualties such as spillage/whatever.

Bear Plush Pencil Case (Php85) from Saizen/Daiso.
Chapstick Invigorating lip balm. Eyebrow brush from Suesh. Cheek and face brushes (part of a set from Forever21).
Empty eyebrow pencil (can't throw it away because the spoolie is perfect) form Saizen/Daiso (Php85)
Careline Eyebrow Pencil (I noticed that I didn't have any eyebrow product on my way to the bus terminal, so this was from 7-11)
Pilot sign pen, rubber bands

Wide tooth comb, BB Cream from Saizen/Daiso (Php85), Maybelline BB Stick (around Php220), Smashbox Bronzelites. Careline face powder (another emergency purchase from 7-11 during the Batangas trip), Katinko, ELF eyebrow kit, L'Oreal The Perfect Nude in Barely Coral (on sale at Php499/Robinson's Galleria), Bench Wonderwoman lipstick in Fierce, Sophie Martin lipstick in Barely Nude, Light up Lipgloss from Saizen/Daiso, extra liner, paracetamol tablets.

Summer means icky, sticky weather. So, aside from the usual baby wipes, handsoap, alcohol arsenal, these also find their way in my bag.

Face towel, fan from Saizen (Php85), Cleene alcohol, Safeguard handwash (transferred in a travel bottle from Beabi for about Php30), Shoe Deodorants (Payless, Php150), Baby Wipes from Bench (3 for Php103)

Endless mentions of how much I love fresh scents as my peg can be found throughout this blog. Here are the most recent colognes I've been carrying around. Recently, I'm into baby cologne because they just smell so darn nice.

Nenuco (Php300/JMJ Robinson's Galleria), Zen Zest Daiquiri (got it on sale for Php120),
Bench Bambino Cologne (Php130)

Miscellaneous Stuff To Help Me Survive:
Western Digital External Hard Drive, Power Bank, Android USB cable, eyeglasses, Ventolin inhaler for those pesky asthma attacks, another USB cable for the hard drive, set of keys to my house and parents' office, extra coffee, extra padlock for my gym locker, necklace from Quirky Avenue, coin purse for my daily commute

There. I don't think I haul too much stuff, riiight? *snickers* How about you? What's in YOUR bag? I dare you to post it on your blog too, dear reader :)