Friday, May 8, 2015

Life Hacks For Fresh Graduates

So you've already graduated from college. Congratulations. At this point you have probably sent out your resume to a number of companies and just waiting for a phone call regarding your initial interview. 

Since graduating from college back in 2007, I guess I have acquired enough experience to put a cheat sheet of sorts for fresh grads. I'll try to keep the sugarcoating to a minimum, because kiddies, this is the real world you're dealing with. 

1. Have your government IDs ready.

Just to keep it safe, get your NSO-authenticated birth certificate, TIN (tax identifcation number) and SSS (social security) numbers first. These two are basic requirements for your salary. 

I highly suggest prioritizing the NSO-certified birth certificate first. You may order online by going to the E-Census website. As of writing, there will be a fee of Php315.00 which is inclusive of delivery fee. You will receive a confirmation email for your transaction and expect your document to arrive in 3-5 working days after the payment has been made.

You can apply for your TIN online by going to this link 

Sadly, obtaining a SSS number online is not possible. You would have to go to your nearest SSS office (you may check their branch near you on this link) and present the following documents: 

- NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
- Baptismal Certificate
- School ID

At this point your will be asked to fill up a form called the E-1 form, after submitting said form, your SSS number will be provided. You are not supposed to pay anything if it's your first time getting your number.

OC-OC TIP That Might Save You From Extra Stress In The Future: Upon acquiring these documents, especially the E-1 form, secure a soft copy by scanning them and uploading it to your Google Drive so you have access to your documents wherever you go. It also pays to jot down your specific numbers on your planner/phone notepad. Because if you haven't noticed it by now, part of filling out application forms in companies would be providing these numbers.

2. Flats are your feet's best friend.

All that concrete pounding will definitely take its' toll on your feet. And not to mention the rigors of commuting. You wouldn't want to go hobbling into your first interview right? 

If you think that your stilettos will provide you with much needed confidence, wear them in the ladies room and switch back to flats/flipflops afterwards. Your feet will thank you for it. 

3. You're Hired! Now What?

Arrive early for your first day at work. Good impressions DO last.

Quick reminder, you may be armed with a college diploma but sometimes it seems like you never got out of high school. Yup. Since we are social creatures by nature, you will find cliques in the workplace. Just stay out of drama (office gossip can be such a nice stress reliever, but dangerous). Be civil to everyone, careful on who you add on Facebook.