Monday, June 8, 2015

We Will Always Have Summer

By the time I put the finishing touches on this entry, the first legit rain of June (one with cold wind and thunder rumbling) finally started. 

I've never been a beach person. There was this one time that my parents had to ship me off for Bible Concentration Camp Youth Camp when I was 14 and we stayed an entire week in this "beach" in Zambales. It was during a time when I had really bad teeth (pre-braces) and thick ass eyeglasses with a sassy mouth. So, yeah, do the rest of the math. I've never really had any good memories associated with the beach. 

During my university years, I never really had the chance to take any out of town trip (well there were the few day trips to Pampanga but they never really counted as a vacation) because my summers were often spent staying in the city because of summer classes. 

I was so happy when my friends and I decided to take a vacation before Holy Week started because work stress was really getting to us. My friend, the fabulous Gab  (click click for her awesome website) found the place on AirBnB.Com. 

So on a sunny and humid Saturday morning - a U.P. Literature professor, two freelance web designers and two call center agents went to Jam Liner's GMA terminal. A few hours later, we disembarked on Batangas Grand Terminal, took a jeep to the Bayan, had lunch and bought supplies for the house. What followed was the most expensive tricycle ride I took so far. 

Expenses so far: 

Jam Liner Fare - Php150.00
Jeep fare - Php35.00
Lunch - Php150.00
Tricycle - Php200.00 (no, this is not a typo.)

Touchdown Batangas. Gathering supplies.

The trike fair IS justifiable since it was a long, long, loooong way to the place itself. We passed by the resorts in Anilao and just when I was about to go "Are we there yeeeeet?", we've arrived at the Zapanta residence. 

We were greeted by Manang who showed us where the house owner was waiting for us in her lanai. 

This view was what we saw first. When it comes to first impressions, this one definitely made a mark. 

You can actually use the trampoline, but we never got the chance to do so.

Lounge area in the main house. The place we stayed in was downstairs. As in you have to walk down steps carved on the face of the mountain.
The lanai bell. I think it's a rite of passage to ring this after successfully climbing up the mountain after your stay in this beautiful place.

Our first glimpse of the ocean. After this, you find the workout/killer stairs. A flight of stone steps cut into the face of the mountain. I wasn't able to take pictures, because, well, stairs and I don't make a good combination.

Clubhouse kids. Can you tell who's the professor, the web designers and the BPO employees?

All this beachfront property was our playground during that weekend.

Carl Joe x Poldo

According to a college classmate who responded to one of my posts in Facebook, that island on the right side is called Sombrero Island.

The rate of our stay may look steep, but it's actually affordable if there are 5-6 people in the group. The place has three huts.No aircon, but we were all supplied with industrial fans. Why would you look for a.c. when you have the ocean a few meters away is beyond me.

These doors were about 2-3 feet away from our bed.

The boyfriend.

Our veranda with an awesome view.
The boyfriend's Subas Herero-esque shot. He looks like one of those villains in old 80's Filipino action films.
"Hello Brando. Naligpit mo na ba yung pinapaligpit ko sa iyo at sa mga bata? Magaling magaling."

Natural airconditioning is awesome.

Toilet and bath area in the hut the boyfriend and I stayed in. It also comes with a hot/cold shower.

Creepy? LOL. It's just mosquito net.

Another awesome thing about the place was the bamboo ladder-esque things placed in each hut which were meant for hanging clothes.

More shots of the ocean.

The boyfriend and I.

This looks like a scene in anime/J-drama where the characters つづく will appear.

Low Tide

Sunday lunch with this view from our dining area. Awesome.

Next year uli!

  • If you find the rates a bit pricey, it's actually more affordable if you have 5-6 people in your group to split the cost.
  • Bring extra money to cover miscellaneous expenses. To keep it safe, an extra Php1000.00 should do.
  • If you don't mind carrying a little extra stuff on your way to the place, you might want to buy supplies in the Bayan or get some from your local supermarket before boarding the Batangas-bound bus. Drinking water is already covered by the rates you will be paying, this also includes the kitchen services of Manang.
  • Pack light. You will only be staying for a weekend. Sachets and travel-sized toiletries are called such because of this purpose. And imagine hauling your stuff on your way back up.
  • Scheduling is everything. We all left Manila Saturday morning, on our way back we left Batangas before lunch on a Monday. We arrived in Manila at about 3 in the afternoon. If you have shift/work, utilize those vacation leaves.
  • Do not take anything from the ocean/resort premises.