Wednesday, September 30, 2015

L'Oreal Makeup Sale Finds

Well well well, what do you know. We're now down to the last quarter of the year. Some brands and stores have decided to give us these tempting pre-holiday sales. I decided to upgrade my makeup and go for L'Oreal. It's a drugstore brand, yes. But I've always found it way beyond the budget I allow myself during magasinez pour le maquillage.

I got enticed by the big markdowns. The True Match foundation was down to Php400. Apparently, it only applies to the refill. So, I purchased the compact which was also marked down to Php600.

Sorry for the poor quality of images. Will try to post a more extensive review after a few weeks of using this product. With better pics.

So... off we go trying Golden Beige

Also got a tube of Star Collections Perfect Red in Pure Ruby. I'm not really a red lip color type, but hey, you only live once. Plus I'm sure to abuse this during the holiday season when I wear more layers.

Marked down to Php400
Tried it in the office...and I guess it works. It's matte. Non-drying. I just have to figure how to apply red lipstick without making a mess of my upper lip area.

Warning: This image has been known to cause nightmares. 

I got a freebie too. Which my mom immediately claimed as hers as soon as I got home.

My not-so-mine freebie hair color.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mobile Phone Review: Lenovo A536

So, sometime around March of this year I decided it's time to give my old O+ phone a rest because of the following reasons:

  1. The phone's internal memory - 4gb, is not enough for the games I play. 
  2. I usually change phones every 3 years. 
I initially wanted to purchase this unit from Cherry Mobile, however, it was no longer available at their SM Megamall branch. Same goes for my second choice model. One of my team mates at work recommended that I either go with an ASUS Zenfone or a Lenovo unit. So, I went to Wellcom and checked whatever units they have available.

Two sales persons tried to sell me phones. If I weren't so set in getting an Android phone, I would have caved in and purchased a Nokia Lumia. Yes, the sales man is THAT good. It's just unfortunate that the sales lady doesn't know a single thing about the product she was selling. So I just asked if I can see the item description card they have propped up next to the models so I could compare. I really felt bad for the salesman because he really exerted a lot of effort in selling the Lumia to me. It's just that I've heard the horror stories about Windows phones.

That, and think about my level on the Android games I'm playing. Heh. Priorities. 

So. I got myself a Lenovo A536. Specs are:

  • Comes with Android KitKat
  • Dual camera
  • Front Facing camera is 5 MP
  • Display is 480 x 854
Image not mine. 

What I like about the phone is: 

  • The price. Since I graduated from university and started earning my own money, I realized that paying premium price for gadgets is sometimes not worth it. Their value depreciates over time. I usually spend no more than Php5,000.00 for a phone. This one was a bit over my budget, around Php5,700.00.
  • Fast browsing. Fast uploading. Fast download. Fast updating. Everything seems faster on this unit compared to my previous phone.
  • Opening multiple apps at the same time does not slow it down.
I'm not really picky about my phones, as long as I could play my games, text, call, browse and play music, I'm good with that.

By the time I finish writing this entry, I've already had the phone for about 6 months now. I've only had one issue and it's the alarm clock which would not go off on the assigned hour. Cost me a few days of coming in late to work. And cab money. As of writing, I've had to do a factory reset for god knows how many times already.

But aside from that, I love it.