Saturday, January 16, 2016

Food Review: The Halal Guys Philippines

For our first food trip for 2016, the boyfriend and I decided to try Halal Guys at my request. So after my 10am shift on a Saturday morning, we went to Megamall.

I decided to go for the Falafel and Chicken Over Rice place. This is the small size, by the way. And it took me over an hour to finish it. It also comes with pita bread and salad. You can purchase the extra white sauce for an extra 25 pesos.

The Small Plate costs about 250 pesos

Perhaps when I think of Middle Eastern Food, I usually compare it to Meshwe's. The plate at Halal Guys is ok, but I'm not exactly going to get cravings for it. But it is filling, though. Would you be getting your money's worth? Honestly, I don't think so. I won't be queue up for it. Here's a tip, go early. We were fortunate to be the first ones in line and didn't have anyone behind us so we had the luxury of choosing whichever one we wanted. But by the time 11am rolled around, there's a line reaching to the entrance of the Food Hall. 


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review: Beauty & Butter

Hello 2016! I've been real busy at work, but this year I promise to be less negligent in updating.

For my last mani-pedi-waxing session for 2015, I decided to switch locations after being a Nailogy patron for almost 2 years. Since I was too busy with work, every time I've been meaning to squeeze in a session, I was exhausted and just wanted to go home and sleep. Hey, whoever said working in Sales even if it's "just answering phone calls" is an easy job? That and my waxer at Nailogy gave me a tip that she was about to resign.

I decided to try out Beauty & Butter which has a branch in SM Taytay - a mere 5 minutes away from my home. I rang their branch and booked an appointment for a manipedi and Brazilian. For first timers, I highly recommend booking an appointment especially since the crowd is unpredictable. You might end up having to wait for an hour because all of their attendants are busy.

I ended up paying almost the exact same price as I would with Nailogy for the same services. Except this one, I end up saving more. Here are the reasons why:

  • Nailogy does not provide a ladies' room where one can clean up before the waxing service. In my case, I have to clean up in the office, then take a cab to Robinson's Galleria. Which is ridiculous because Galleria is only 2 streets away from where I work.

    Beauty and Butter on the other hand, does. Although this one being closer to home means I can take an actual shower before getting anything done. Much better.

  • The waxing room itself. It's more aesthetically pleasing.

Nursery room or waxing room? Lol.
  • The guarantee that the tools they're using is sterilized. Before your session, they will ask you to sign the packaging of what would be used for your mani-pedi, confirming that it's been properly sterilized.

For my last NOTD for 2015, I went with my fail-safe choice of Orly's Toast The Couple. I guess this was my "adulting" polish of choice in contrast to my signature blues.